Fighting Seminar 2019 – Denmark

The tradition of the excellent Fighting Seminar in Denmark keeps on, date and guest instructors are ready! But as we all know, there is something more than “only” a fight seminar with great instructors and top hospitality. What has been created in Denmark during all these years, are a solid recipe of all elements one must have to be successful at this. If we think about it, we have many seminars around, big camps – but growing stronger now 20 years after the beginning?

The seminar takes place on Saturday the 23rd of February 2019 from 09:00 to 20:00 and Sunday the 24th of February 2019 from 09:00 to 16:00. Official Facebook site. This years top instructors will be Nazar Nasirov, Russia – and this will be his second time. The other instructor will be Vladimir Artyushin, Kazakhstan.On one hand non of these two need any introduction – but on the other hand it could be some that not are aware of how high level these two possesses…

But first, The annual fight in Denmark is more that a regular camp. First of all this is a camp where you train, learn and teach Shinkyokushin Full Contact Karate Fighting and here you will be updated. This keeps it interesting and the level raises every year. This can’t and will never be a “selfie camp” who attracts people who only want to promote them self. This is what it’s meant to be. A fully packed two days fight camp with some of the best fighters in Europe – and with instructors from all over the World. And as always – in the lead Mathias Davidoff Halberg Sensei with his helpers, taking care of every thing regarding to the camp and the organizing – and the socialization = Happy campers!

It is always a great focus the leave the camp stronger than when you arrived. This mean that when the sparring sessions (and there a lot of that!) starts, everyone are into top technical focus, and of course with great control. This is really important to keep everyone ready for tournaments instead of being injured or damaged by to hard and /or to much sparring. But it it also important to remember that this camp have a total fight focus, meaning that one would really a great treat if your aim are a graduating, or if you are a fight trainer, coach fora Dojo or national team.

Nazar Nasirov, Russia. He has met several of the world’s best fighters and gone the distance with them. He has all the qualities as a fighter needs. Good technical variety, strength and endurance. And also the ability to set up tactical move that often ends in knock out. 6th place in the World Championship 2015, and Technical Award. Winning the Russian Open weight 2016, defeating the best of Russian fighters across organizations and weight and he defeated World Champions and top merited fighters from IFK and Kyokushin-Kan.Taking the 2nd place in the 6th World Karate Championships in weight categories, and recently took the All Russian Open Absolute Championship. Video gallery

Vladimir Artyushin, Kazakhstan. Won Diamond Cup 2011. Later this year it was time for the 10th WT. Artyushin once again showed high class and was among the top 16 in the world. Lost to Lukas Kubilius, and this was the same man who stopped him in the word Cup 2013. Runner up in the Swiss Open 2016,Top 16 in the 11th WT after a great recovery from a leg injury. Winning the IFK British Open in 2016 in a very strong tournament defeated world and European champions on his way to the top spot., and lifting it even higher with a 3rd place in the 6th World Karate Championship in Weight Categories. Won recently the 17th All Asia Championships. Video gallery 

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