Practical use of Karate..!

The practical use of Karate has and will always be discussed. And this topic will naturally be a case outside, as well as inside the Karate family. In the summer we do often see a lot of festivals and shows, where musicians and bands entertain huge crowds of people. This will be our first stop to collect some exemplars of the practical use of the elements of karate. It is all about finding the summer rhythm..

We will mainly go into the use of the traditional karate stances, and see how they will be in an another setting than we are used to see… As many of you have suspected, this article is just made up to have a little fun 😉 First example is the strong and solid Kiba-Dachi 騎馬立. A very demanding possession, and one must take the pain and beating the legs are exposed to when practicing. But it is also a big win, one strengthens the legs considerably, and acquire a strong and good posture.

No problem to power trough a high C with a good stance!

The Neko Achi Dachi 猫足立

The Neko stance is maybe one of the harder stances to preform correctly. This is about shifting your weight from the center – more or less. That in a controlled matter of course. Here we can see it in use, and in this setting it will be more than one factor that ill give the person a advantage. This can be used in small clubs when the space do not allow all the band members to move around so much, but using the Neko stance you can be very active in a small area – and that will attract and please the crowd – from “Neko to Neko” as they say..

Zenkutsu-dachi 前屈立 

An all time favorite, and maybe one of the most used stances in training. Solid and good balanced, when you move as well as being more stationary. This stance will keep your figure good for a long time – and you can easily go into extra numbers in your concert looking good!

This all-round stance will also suite all members in the group (of course not the drummer, that can use Kiba if he is hardcore) 😉