Nadia Petrova, Bulgaria

..If you’re feeling down depressed and lonely I know a place where we can

nadiaMany of us spend much time around the various Kyokushin sites. It’s probably the case with most of us, that we get some favorite sites to visit. That we seek the same pages is of course because this gives us something. For many it is to obtain information about various events, such as tournaments, seminars and other news in Kyokushin world. But it is probably also something more that draws us to the same pages over and over again – several times a day .. the good feeling it gives of reading, see what’s new since the last time.

nadinOne of the biggest contributors to Kyokushin websites made by an individual, must be Nadia Petrova Nadin4e. A another big great Kyokushin site is Russian website They have done a portrait of Nadine4e, and we recommend reading this strongly. For now it is only one Russian edition of this, but one can hope for an English edition eventually.

So far, use translation tools online – for this you must not miss. Read about her activity and not least her Kyokushin history, and all the websites and medium that`s include in her work for spreading the happiness through Kyokushin.
belt_shadowA personal meaning why this work is so unique, is the balance in all the messages and posting. There are many sites and facebook sites, but the challenge will always be to hold them neutral, political correct and including. This is a really strong quality to have, and many of us think that this us one of the main reason why we visit these sites every day.← If some one could get Dan grades on the internet for their work there, we would give this to Nadin4e 🙂