part 2: 11th World Championship – “outside entries”

11th_wt_poster – KopiAs earlier written The 11th World Championship later this year do have some “extras” Bringing in fighters from other organizations do raise the interest further, if it is possible! We are lucky to have our way to respect any outcome on the tatemi, and we do have a special way to support other fighters than our favorites, the Budo Full-contact Karate way. Who ever you are, we will support the will to do the very best. Now we will try to give you some of the fighters that are ready, that we have called “outside entries” men category.

From the official draw, there are a couple of spots that are waiting to be filled, but the rest of the blocks are ready to go! KWU through their members are sending a strong team of fighters, eight in the number. Well merited and also for many well known. Manly these fighters comes from Japan and Russia, and that`s two very strong nations when it comes to Kyokushin fighters.

Nikolai MaslennikovWe start with the IFK fighter Nikolay Maslennikov.  (Russia) This is a heavyweight fighter with great record, he is the current European Champion (2014) 2nd place in the Russian Championship 2014 and 15. British Open champion 2013, 3rd place 2012. 2nd Spanish Open 2012. Being one of the top Russian fighter will indicate a a top level fighter. First round draw will give the Russian fighter Alexandru Barba from Moldova.


Naoki MoritaIjpgJapanese fighter Naoki Morita, 森田 奈男樹, will be one of many fighters from the land of Karate.

He is KWF World Cup Champion 2013, 3rd Place World Championship KWF 2014, 3rd place 2nd All Japan full contact Karate Championships 2015. Besides that he also has several merits from Japan that will be even heavier. First round draw will give us Morita vs young Hungarian fighter Richard Lizak.

nazaretyanRussian Artem Nazaretian will be very interesting to follow.

Double Russian Champion 2013/14 and 2nd 2015.

KWU World Championship runner up 2013, IFK Eurasian Championship – 1st place, IFK World Cup 2013 2nd place. IFK European Champion 2014.First round draw will give a Bulgarian challenge, the veteran Dimitar Trampov.


Vasily_SamadurovVasily Samadurov (Russia) KWU / Royama. He is the current European Champion (Royama)

3 times Russian Champion 2013/14/15. 3rd place in the KWU Russian Championship.

First round draw: Dorin Radu from Spain. Samadurov will be the most merited of the two, and he also got about 10 kilos more.

Igor_Igor Ryadnov
IFK (Russia) European  Champion 2014.

Russian Champion 2015, Technical award, tameshiwari, award.

Russian championship 2014 2nd and 2012. 3rd 2011.

British Open Champion 2013.

First round draw against Lithuanian Justinas Kvietka.

Masaki YamaotoMasaki Yamaoto, Japan. With merits from several tournaments in Japan. Have a long fighting carrier and results from All Japan weight Tournament 2009, 4th place.

First round draw will give a Masaki Yamamoto ,Japan a fight against Juras Sokolovas, Lithuania.



Videos from some of the fighters above…

Artem Nazaretyan vs Igor Ryadnov in the Russian Championship

Naoki Morita in the 1st KFW World Cup 2013

Nikolay Maslennikov (Shiro/right) in the Russian Championship.

Vasily Samadurov (Shiro/Right) finale of European Championship Kyokushinkan/Royama.