11th World Championship – “outside entries”

11th_wt_poster – KopiThe 11th World Karate Championship later this year do have some changes that will give us an extra touch of excitement. This time the World Championship has been expanded with participants from other organizations. This is a exchange in relation to the cooperation between various organizations in the Kyokushin world.

We will take a closer look at the fighters participating from other organizations in the WKO / Shinkyokushin World Tournament…


In the women division we have 44 fighters. That brings us up to four or five fights to reach the final – and don`t forget this is open weight. Firs set we will look at fighters in the woman division. A little presentation, and some videos below.

Momoka_OobaThis year runner up in the The 2nd All Japan Full Contact Karate Championship women light weight category: Momoka Oba 極真世界連合 /KWU. First fight will be fought against one of the Lithuanian profiles Rita Pivoriunaite. We assume that this becomes a great fight with high pace, and even, with the possibility of extensions. The European lightweight fighter Rita Pivoriunaite, has top results in the European championships with several occasions. Fighting in japan could also be a advantage / Disadvantage, thinking of timezone and acclimatization.


emma_markwellBritish fighter Emma Markwell from IFK / KWU do have a significant record. Well known in the British Open Championship, current IFK European Champion, and runner up in the 1st KWU World championship in 2013. The British fighter has a busy time coming up with participation in three major tournaments. KWU World Championship 2-3 Oct, British Open 17. Oct and the 11th World Tournament in Japan 31/10.Fights in the lightweight on regular basis First round draw: Anneliese Texler, Australia. clearly less experienced, fights in the heavyweight and used tough fights.

KimuraTakayo Kimura , Buritsu Kaikan, Watanabe Dojo. One of Japan strongest lightweights. Winner of this years (2nd) All Japan Full Contact Karate Championship women light weight category. This was a replay from the year earlier, when she manage to win the heavyweight category in the 1st All Japan Full Contact Karate Championship. Making a strong impression in the World Cup 2013, when she capture the 3rd place in the heavyweight category. Among other that had to give up against her was Lithuanian star fighter Inga Mikstaite. First round draw: Fabiola Vasquez, Chile.


YuiYui Kikukawa, Ashihara Kaikan,Japan. This lightweight fighter has some incredible skills. At the age of 15 she manage to take a 4th place in the The 45th All Japan Championship (Women Open Weight!) being the lightest (47kg) and the youngest in the tournament. Rewarded with the spirit award in the same tournament. She has continued with these good performances and has received several very strong result. Reached the final in The 46th All japan, and became 2nd. Winner of both 1st and 2nd All Japan Full Contact Karate Championship 2014/15. First round draw will be against the winner of Irina Kriazheva (Russia) and Zsofia Szabo (Hungary)

Irina_kryazhevaIrina Kriazheva , IFK, KWU, Russia. Beside being Russian champion, she also has several international merits. 2nd place at the IFK 4th World Cup in 2013. Winner of the 1st KWF World Cup 2013. Irina Kriazheva was crowned champion at the 1st KWU World Championship in 2013, but failing the doping test the results was changed. (official report)

Back in the tournaments, 2015 Russian Championship with an good 3rd place. First round draw as mention above against Zsofia Szabo (Hungary)


There are one space left open to one more fighter, but at the time the name are not known..this fighter will meet Agata Kaliciak, Poland in the first fight.

Some videos of the fighters:

First Momoka Ooba (Aka)  vs Yui Kikukawa Ashihara kaikan

Emma Markwell in the British Open 2014

Takayo Kimura vs Inga Mikstaite

Irina Kriazheva, Russian Championship 2015