Summer camps around the world

Summer camps are always a great experience.Socialization, other practitioners, guest instructors and not least plenty of training! we give you some camps pictures from around the world.. (Lithuania, SHODAN↓)

Firs picture↓ is from Sweden, Stockholm summer camp. The camp could providing some of the highest Kyokushin instructors there is to offer. Shihan Fitkin Shihan Collins and Shihan Lloyd.  (click picture for full size) (Swedish FB)

STHLMLäger-2015The Greek summer camp. This camp with its beautiful surroundings, have lang traditions.  With Shihan Shihan Cyril Andrews, Juan Carlos Escalera Roldan, Shihan George Kosmidis, Shihan Otario Melikiadis and Sensei George Evangelidakis. (See pictures and more Greek Kyokushinkai FB)

greek_campNorwegian summer camp. This time with Swedish guest instructors: Shihan Howard Collins and Shihan Håkan Nygren, and some of the Norwegian instructors as well.

noecamp15The Bulgarian summer camp. With top instructors Shihan Jan Bülow, Denmark, Shihan Oleksandr Kuzmin, Ukraine and Sensei Valeri Dimitrov, Bulgaria. And not to forget the top Bulgarian instructors. (Bulgarian FB)

2015_bug_campDanish summer camp. Shihan Brian Fitkin 7th ,Shihan Camilla Bolin 5. Dan, both from Sweden. And reigning European champion Senpai Czepesi Csenge from Hungary. And Danish instructors from the technical committee: Shihan Jan Bülow 6. Dan,Sensei Jesper Trier 5. Dan,Sensei Mads Friis 4. Dan,Sensei Rauno Rosenquist 3. Dan,Sensei Christina Petersen 3. Dan,Sensei Tim Marcher 3. Dan (Danish FB)

dan_campHungarian Shinkyokushinn summer camp. Hungarian top instructors with Shihan György Karmazin 5. Dan in the lead. (Hungarian FB)

Hungarcamp15One of the camps in Lithuania, SHODAN with Lucas Kubilius organizer. (children camp) – (SHODAN more)