Scottish Open 2015 – results-draw

Scottish Open 2015 v3 (1)Scottish Open 2015. The tournament has held this Saturday, 21. February. Fighters from Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. This year the Swedish team blasted through the tournament, but several very strong fighters made the tournament hard and impressive…




Scottish Open 2015. Draw and results scroll down ↓

IKKUFighters from several counties and organizations was represented. Scandinavia where strongly represented in this year’s tournament. Especially Sweden was strongly represented, both in number and quality. England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland also had many strong and quality fighters. One of the biggest profiles, Jimmie Collin did his tournament as many tough. Going through the -80 division with effective fighting. We are going to look at the open category, and come back with more info about the novice category later.


Kvinge_scottishLast year winner in the heavy weight, Simon Pålsson, Sweden, started this tournament as he ended last year. Taking out his opponents hard. But in the semi finals, a another viking stood in his way, ←and with a perfect headkick, the tables was turned! Tor Andre Kvinge from Bergen, Norway advanced in to the finals- too meet another Swedish fighter – Fredrik Johansson. After a tremendous final, Johansson pulled out his victory with an mae geri jodan to the face of the Norwegian giant killer Kvinge. This category was a real crowdpleaser.

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.In the men lightweight Sweden brought in a sharp young Erik Hägge. In this division some changes was made in the reason of weight, but no breaks was on when the start was a fact. No one could stop this young Swedish fighter, and 3 division in the men category – clean sweep from the Swedish team.


In the last division, women open category the light and heavy weight was brought together, and from a start field of 8 fighters, the days number was reduced to six. But in the Scottish Open they also have a great treat – fight of the third place. Some known names was in the line up from previous year, and it was ready for a good category. Sara Hägge from Sweden went through the tournament and straight to the top. Beating Kirsten G Smith Bkk England in the final made her champ like her brother in the lightweight! The third place – also Sweden as Dina Kljajic beat Norwegian fighter Irene Skjelfjord, who earlier that day had lost to Hägge. A great,  “come back” from Sara Hägge, after a hard experience in the opening round in the European Open Weight Championship 2014.

draw-sheet-2015 – Kopi (2)draw-sheet-2015 – Kopi (3)draw-sheet-2015 – Kopi (4)draw-sheet-2015 – Kopi










13/14 years Girls – 1st Megan Williamson IKKU Scotland
2nd Sathmi Fernando SoKyokushin Scotland

Cadets – 1st Jamie Killorn SDKB Scotland
2nd Cameron Skimins SoKyokushin Scotland


Ladies Novice LW –

1st Imogen Sanders BKK England
2nd Sarah Walker IKKU Wales

Ladies Novice HW –

1st Maria Zeraschi IBK Wales
2nd Jessica Baker BKK England
3rd Karen Gray BKK England

Mens Novice LW –

1st Chhai Chhim IKK England
2nd Christian Mason IKKU Wales
3rd Josh Mays BKK England

Mens Novice MW –

1st Blake Collins BKK England
2nd Jonathon Glennon IFK Ireland
3rd Wikitor Lesiak IFK Ireland

Mens Novice HW –

1st Frederik Gade Viborg Karate Denmark
2nd Seweryn Lesiak IFK Ireland
3rd Rob Miller IKKU Wales

Ladies Open Weight –

1st Sara Hagge Shin Kyokushin Sweden
2nd Kirsten Galtius-Smith BKK England
3rd Dina Kljajic Shin Kyokushin Sweden


LW – 1st Erik Hagge Shin Kyokushin Sweden
2nd Trevor Day IKK England
3rd Krzystof Atemborski Independent Scotland

Mens MW –

1st Jimmie Collin Shin Kyokushin Sweden
2nd Ollie Potter BKK England
3rd Sunay Isik BKK England

Mens HW –

1st Fredrik Johansson Shin Kyokushin Sweden
2nd Tor Andre Kvinge Bergen Karate Norway
3rd Artur Nowacki IKKU England