Dimitrov & Imbras Sensei`s

Dimitrov_ImbrasOnce in awhile we must dig up some old clips. Most of us have seen them many times before, but on the other hand we have to look at them again for some reason..

←2007 Valeri Dimitrov and Donatas Imbras. Two of the best fighters in the world, teaching the new generation of Lithuanian fighters..

This clip is not an early stage of the European Openweight, with Valeri Sensei corned by Lithuanian fighters, but a training session where children can learn and play together with their role models. 🙂

And after a hard fight the respect (and smile) goes hand in hand.

Same top instructors with a bigger crowd. Two of the top fighters of the world, with some light sparring.

It’s time to show some technique combined with Tameshiwari.