KWF World Championship – results

KomanovThe first KWF Championship was held in Japan, and the reults are ready. The tournament struggled to fill some of the categories. In the women’s category, it was particularly poor support. It was very pleasing to see a strong line up in the men’s category. More fighters, and stronger profiles. Kyokushin-Kan / Royama group, made a strong impression, and also strong Russian IFK fighters was represented.

←Bulgarian Kyokushin-Kan / Royama fighters – Aleksander and Ivan Komanov.

Results 1 weight KWF World Championship

women over 65 kg  (6 fighters)

  • 1st place Aneta Zuk (Poland)
  • 2nd place Irene Jensen Skjeldfjord (Norway)
  • 3rd Joyce Huisken (Holland)

women up to 65 kg (4 fighters)

  • 1st place Diana Cantero (Spain)
  • 2nd place Biatriz Pradez Martinez (Spain)
  • 3rd place Hinako Kemeyamo (Japan), Sandra Ham Van (Netherlands)

women up to 60 kg (7 fighters)

  • 1st place Dorota Birch (Poland)
  • 2nd place Mayura Yasuoka (Japan)
  • 3rd place Natalia Kurowska Anna Dudka (both Poland)

women up to 55 kg (9 fighters)

  • 1st place Seeha Komatsu (Japan)
  • 2nd place Honami Itoh (Japan)
  • 3rd place Momoka Ohba (Japan) Zhansaya Yessirkepova (Kazakhstan)

Men under 70 kg (19 fighters)

  • 1st place Izumi Yamada (Japan)
  • 2nd place Bereket Nurnbaev (Kazakhstan)
  • 3rd place Ivan Komanov (Bulgaria), Davy Brand (Netherlands)

Men under 75 kg (12 fighters)

  • 1st place Tetsuya Yamada (Japan)
  • 2nd place Grisha Torosyan (Armenia)
  • 3rd place Werner Michal (Poland), Georgi Doychev (Bulgaria)

Men under 80 kg (19 fighters)

  • 1st place Will Gerard (Poland)
  • 2nd place Shohta Mizuno (Japan)
  • 3rd place Naoki Morita (Japan) Milush Draganov (Bulgaria)

Men under 90 kg (11 fighters)

  • 1st place Alexander Komanov (Bulgaria)
  • 2nd place Emil Stalev (Bulgaria)
  • 3rd place Nikola Nikolov (Bulgaria), Koen Brink (Holland)

men over 90 kg (15 fighters)

  • 1st place Petar Martinov (Bulgaria)
  • 2nd place Daniel Trifu (Australia)
  • 3rd CharleyQuinol (France), Hristo Georgiev (Bulgaria)

Veterans over age 40 to 80 kg

  • 1st place Takahiro Yamamoto (Japan)
  • 2nd place Denis Gusev (Russia)
  • 3rd place Witold Stolarczyk (Poland), Tomonori Fukunaga (Japan)

Veterans over 40 years, more than 80 kg

  • 1st place Alex Inzha (Russia)
  • 2nd place Lotfi Seket (Tunisia)
  • 3rd place Ali Farhan and Habib Farjallah (both Tunisia)