Kata, only perfect is good enough!

AncaKata is challenging for many reasons, but perhaps the biggest is that there is little or no possibilities of for freedom of execution. When looking for a kumite performer, so he or she has far more freedom in its execution than what a Kata athlete has. -when we look at the form of competition. But as a Karateka you have to master all aspects, which brings balance and development.We are going to take a look at Kata…but in different kind of settings… with Shihan Midori, Shihan Fitkin, Sensei Marius Ilas, Sensei Christina Peterson, Sensei Anca Wallmen, Sensei Norichika Tsukamoto and more..

Kata from 0:00 and With Sensei Marius Ilas from 2:40

With Emi Shoguchi Sempai and Norichika Tsukamoto Sensei

Demonstration Dolph Lundgren 3rd Dan, Shihan Brian Fitkin, Shihan Lloyd Payne (2:50)

With Shihan Kenji Midori (from 0:40)