Karate Dream Cup 2014

The Karate Dream Cup 2014 International Championship will be held on August 23-24 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium.


This tournament is open to anyone outside of Japan, but only every other year. Last time it was open was in 2012, which means that this year everyone outside Japan sign up!

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In the Dream Cup, all generations from juniors to seniors will compete in this tournament to fulfill their dreams. As the name tells you, WKO hope that this tournament will become an event filled with hope and dreams. It is made up of the All Japan Junior Championship and the Masters Championship which took place on separate occasions every year.  In addition to the performance of these two Championships, we will also have a few divisions, thus we believe that this tournament will become an event for everybody regardless of age and sex, fulfilling their vision.

Dream Cup have filled the arena with 1200(!) Karatekas who competed in Kumite and Kata.

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