Norwegian Summer Camp -update day 2-

This years summer camp is over, and the time just flew away – which is common when people feel good. Good and varied training by top instructors, as well as seminars with first aid, about people and development, coaching.

The origin of Karate and Bushido, new training methods and of course all the technical and basics Kyokushin Karate we train in a summer camp.


Trainings that have been held today have been eventful, and it becomes so when Shihan`s as Fitkin and <–Söderkvist are responsible. It has taught traditional Kyokushin Karate to all age groups and at all levels.



Mma has also been trained with Jacob Løvstad. Here you get an update on all round fighting, which is linked to self-defense. This is good experience and a reminder of what can happen outside of a Dojo. And as always, it’s about acquiring Knowledge and experience.




The first training of this day was set to start at 07.00 and this time it was ready for some “wake up & and smell the coffee” exercises with Sensei Sjur…

it is always important to keep up to date when it comes to training.To be competitive, as well as the creation of motivation. Training art progresses and it is important to follow, unless you can not develop just as well that others.





The first training have been held by Shihan Brian Fitkin and Shihan Michael Söderkvist. A perfect start with Kihon and Kata, and focus on the connection between these two aspects. Shihan Fitkin also used the known Kata pattern in Taikyoku, as a tool to work on other techniques than the standard one that everybody knows.




After dinner the camp offers first aid course and training in the use of defibrillators and other medical treatments. Next training will be tomorrow 7 o`clock in the morning. The day tomorrow will also bring even more athletes to the camp,and today about 100 karatekas have joined the camp…more to come