EC 2013

Distinguished visit to the European Championship 2013. Enough once we are fortunate to have dignitaries visiting the EC in 2013 to be held in Switzerland..




Once again we are fortunate to have distinguished visitit during next year’s European Championships.  Kenji Midori Shihan and Yasukazu Koi Sensei, travels the long way from Japan to Switzerland. It is very pleasant that Shihan Midori, and Sensei Koi have time for this, because everyone knows they work extremely hard and have a lot of traveling each year. EC 2013, hosted by the Swiss organization, will hold good standard. We know having experienced Swiss Open tournament that is very well done, and this under the direction of Shihan Steinmann, who is a tremendous capacity. Just keep your calendar clear, you would not miss this one!


The organizer has extensive experience and time in Shinkyokushin Karate, and nothing is left to randomness.

Do not forget to visit Shihans Steinmann Web , click the picture..

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