Jimmie Collin – The Silent Assassin

Swedish top fighter throught the last years, Jimmie Collin..

Jimmie Collin
Mazovia Open 2010

Collin has recently been among the best in the middle weight sets at European scale.And when European standards are top in the world there is a strong level you are talking about. Most people who have seen him fight has been impressed by his calmand cool fighting style. Many battles have been quickly settled, after a well-placed technique. For example, a knee to the head.. Collin has for many years, slowly but surely expanded the circle to end up on the world arena. He has met with the very best such as Valeri Dimitrov, Marius Ilas to name a few. During the World Cup in 2009, Jimmie Collin possibly one of the better performances he has had. Just to qualify for World Cup requires a lot.

Sempai Magnus Hanssen
Spirit camp Norway 2011

The following season did Collin, under the leadership of Magnus Hanssen and accompanied by Fredrik Olsson,a heavy commitment. Towards European Championship 2010 was the first full-time training (about 2mnd). In Sweden you can not live on Kyokushin karate, and it tells us little about how sports have huge differences, regardless of seriousness. And such a serious and dedicated athlete should have been awarded to train Kyokushin in the full time. 3rd place was his reward at this tournament.


This put Collin up against a Danish opponent who was considerably larger. Impressive again to take this one out with the “death roll” at the end of the match! Collin self was beaten on Day 2, where he meets one of the top Japanese fighter Maeda.

With family and a full time job, Jimmie Collin has showed how far a dedicaded person can reach, and inspires many to follow.