Scandinavian Black & Brown belt camp

Scandinavian Brown and Black belt camp.

Shihan Howard Collins

23-24 February 2013

Limited number of places!




Shihan Collins 45 years of experience.

Head Instructor at Göteborgs Karate Kai. One of the technological leaders in the WKO (World Karate Organization).
Started training karate at the age of 15 in Wales. Traveled 21-year-old to Japan to train directly under Sosai Masutatsu Oyama, founder of Kyokushin karate. Advanced two-year to third Dan and struggled through one hundred Men fight (100 two-minute matches on the same day).


Come in second place in the All Japan Kyokushin Tournament 1972 – something unique for a non-Japanese. Started own dojo in Wales. Referrer Ades to Sweden and GKK by Shihan Attila Mészáros and has remained faithful to the club. Stopped compete actively in 1979 when he captured the fifth place in the World Cup. Is known and respected throughout the international karate world.

“I was awarded my 7th Dan by Sosai Mas Oyama in 1993, I am also one of the technical directors of the WKO(World Karate Organization).”

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Shihan Collins has also published four books, “The Kyokushin Knockdown book” 1972, “The Absolute Karate” in 1995, “The Shodan” in 2003 and “The Gateway” in 2004. He has also produced two videos