Norwegian Summercamp 2022

The Norwegian Kyokushin Organization – Shinkyokushin Norway, held their annual Summercamp 30 June to 3rd July. International participation and instructors lifted the camp to what many of the Norwegian participants veterans called “The best camp ever” Many reasons for that, and without a doubt Romania, Sweden and Poland had some key rolls!

The schedule and the facilities was some of the main changes this year for the Norwegian camp. Held a stone’s throw from the Norwegian archipelago, in beautiful surroundings and the outdoor area. When it rained, the sports hall was also located close by – efficient and user-friendly! The organizer (and Dojo) of this years camp, Bård Brodshaug Horten KK, made the “camp-base” out from THON Hotel Horten. The food and sleeping facilities was at the very best!

Organizer Bård Brodshaug Horten KK

This years main instructors came from Romania and Sweden, and with a contribution from Poland at the last day! Cristian Boldut / Sweden and Annika Peterson / Sweden led this year’s participants through everything one could wish for (and more) through the camp, where all topics were covered: Basic, Kata and Kumite.

Cristian Boldut / Romania

Cristian Boldut is Karate. He radiates a passion and a burning desire to transfer knowledge to those present. No one is unfamiliar with his expertise – it’s something everyone has heard of … but have you experienced it? No one really knows how much experience this practitioner has – and at all levels. The oldest of us have followed him for a long time, and remember settlements beyond the hereafter in the Hungarian Open and Branko Memorial – at that time these held a higher level than the European Championships around, since there were no quotas for 2 athletes – and the whole world came. Christian has competed in parallel in Kata and Kumite – and performed for a number of years at the top level.

Over the weekend, the participants received thorough training in Kata, Basic and Kumite – and that through Christian’s eyes, which means that he happily shared his thoughts, concept – so that others can pick this up and adapt it for their own use. And this did not wait, during the camp’s last training, which was 1.5 hours of sparring – it “suddenly” appeared several elements of what had been taught this weekend – very gratifying! This also gives us proof that the teaching that was done really hit the practitioners, and not least they had been clearly inspired.

Annika Peterson / Sweden

Annika Peterson runs the Banzai Karate Kai in Goteborg, Sweden – with a over 400 members in the Dojo many top athletes – great capacity to organize tournaments and camps. Camp Banzai to mention, with the absolute top elite instructors of the world.

Annika have a long and rich Kyokushin background, and keeps it updated being highly active. The relation to Norway is not new, and a little fun fact: 10 years ago, Annika was participating at the Norwegian summer-camp to get inspiration and knowledge from Kunihiro Suzuki and Kumiko Sunakawa – now ten year after, Annika passes on her knowledge of her own.

Summer-camp Norway 2012

Good sessions no matter what the theme may be, Basic, Kata or fight – you get everything, and it is clearly and well explained! Good training drills and building up the sessions are not accidental and if you do not get better during these lessons, then you have to look at yourself in the mirror! Corrections come with “pin-point” accuracy – simply explained – performance-enhancing.

Karate – the total picture

When you have such skilled instructors, it becomes clear again how the “bigger picture is painted” The way in which, for example, basic combinations are set up, is not just a “rule to remember” to a new degree that many practice, it is very hard core- musculature training, hip rotation – and “chain of reaction” which all give a far stronger athlete not to mention technical. With that type of training, mass training increases rapidly on what makes one better! You do not punch only to punch, you do not “walk” the basics – you develop on all levels

As a bonus at the camp, one also received several practitioners from Romania and also from Poland. This ended up being an improvised guest training held by Piotr Sztencel, who went through very interesting concepts when it comes to resource-saving fighting, with techniques as well as various exercises for this.

Piotr Sztencel Sensei / Poland

As if this were not enough, Norway were also visited by Dan Tiuca from Romania. Tiuca is one of the major organizers in Europe, and has several major events that he holds or participates in. Examples of this are the Romanian International Cup, European Fullcontact Karate Camp m.m. Tiuca is very active, and can be found at most of the camps and events in Europe, as a referee athlete or organizer for that matter! A very nice visit!

Dan Tiuca Sensei / Romania

NKO Norwegian Kyokushin Org – Shin Norway

A culture has long been established in NKO that “makes demands” on trainers and instructors for participation. And is there anyone who must, – update themselves, and keep a good grip on the fresh produce principle, then it is actually those who have the task of bringing the next generations forward.

If the kicks do not reach that high anymore, and if the pace slows down, so what? -but if you do not participate, it is easy to forget the real feeling of what you are really doing. When it comes to the level that was instructed during this year’s camp, this also stimulates the head well – and it should be everyone’s interest! And to draw a cliché: “you have to feel it to believe it”

Norway also had some who contributed throughout the weekend, everything from the practical to what went on in training. That said,Thank you to everyone who attended to this camp – and motivate others to keep it up!