The 7th World Karate Championship in Weight Categories – info and documents

Closing in to the greatest event this year, some info and documents to follow.. Sayonara, tickets to the championship (overview of the arena and where to seat-map) hotels and a tentative schedule.

General Schedule
September 21st (Wed.)Arrival of WKO Board Members, Committee Members in Poland
September 22nd (Thu.)-WKO Board Meeting, Committee Meetings, arrival of Branch Chiefs/Contacts and Competitors in Poland
September 23rd (Fri.)-Referee Meeting, Information Meeting & Weighing Competitors
September 24th (Sat.)-Tournament 1st Day (early rounds, bouts on 2 courts)
September 25th (Sun.)-Tournament 2nd Day (late rounds to Final, bouts on 1 court), Sayonara Party
September 26th (Mon.)-WKO General Assembly, Competitors check-out/ depart Poland
September 27th (Tue.)-World Karate Seminar 1st Day, Branch Chiefs/Contacts not participating in the seminar check-out and depart Poland
September 28th (Wed.)-World Karate Seminar 2nd Day (Grading Exam)
September 29th (Thu.)-World Karate Seminar participants depart Poland