Valeri Dimitrov EC Open Weight

Valeri Dimitrov do also got several EC tittles in the Open-weight category. Starting back in 2002. In 2012, the Open-weight was reborn again, and since then the tournament has been organised several times. We collected videos, finals from 2018,2014 and 2012 – and one video from 2002 in the eliminations rounds.

EC Open – Weight 2018, Hungary, Valeri Dimitrov vs Maciej Mazur (Poland)

EC Open-Weight 2014, Lithuania. Valeri Dimitrov vs Andrius Draugelis (Lithuania)

EC Open – Weight 2012, Poland. Valeri Dimitrov vs Jimmie Collin (Sweden)

EC Open – Weight 2002, Hungary, Valeri Dimitrov vs Donatas Imbras (Lithuania) primarily rounds