7th JFKO All Japan Open – results

21 and 22nd of May, the top fighters in Japan fought for the tittles in the 7th edition of the All Japan Open – Japan Fullcontact Karate Organization. With some major tournaments coming up – many had their last check before going into the last preparations. Top fighters from many organizations made the level sky high..

NOTE: Official results you will find at http://fullcontact-karate.jp/ or follow the official JFKO Facebook site. Results, and also pictures from the championship are available.

Very strong profiles into the last top 4, as we can see in the line up: (closest to the camera from right to left:) Kembu Iriki, Yusaku Watanabe, Yuta Goto, Shin Kameyama. In front middle Yuta Takahashi, on his left Ryuki Ushirosako.

Picture from JFKO Official Facebook site – visit for more

Results (Translated from Japanese, Minor errors may have occurred in the process)