Shinkyokushin EC 2023 – Sweden

A historic event will be held in Sweden, Gothenburg, in the beginning of April 2023. The European Karate Championship Shinkyokushinkai will for the first time be held in Sweden! As a Fullcontact Kyokushin nation, Sweden has always held a high standard in the total aspect of Kyokushin Karate. The host is selected, the menu is European Championship.

We mention the level of Kyokushin that Sweden possesses. It is a great history trough the years in Swedish Kyokushin, and as you know some of the most respected pioneers in the game lives in Sweden. If we look into the tournament – Swedish competitors, we can see the same again – the nation holds a decent level! This will be a championship for adults only, EC Juniors, Cadets and Youth in 2023 will take place in autumn in Hungary (Debrecen)

Shihan Lloyd Payne 6:e Dan ,Shihan Brian Fitkin 8:e Dan ,Shihan Howard M. Collins 8:e Dan and Shihan Mikael Söderkvist 7:e Dan

So, the lever er fore sure at the very best, but can one tell something about their capacity when it comes to organize a major tournament as The European Championship? It is natural to mention Swedish Open – a tournament held every other year, in Gothenburg. OK, Swedish Open is a tournament – but the EC is a Championship, but when that is said, if you have been to Swedish Open – not many tournaments have that kind of a standard – so we are fully confident in the Swedish Organization when it come to give us a memorable European Championship!

Of course, it is a lot more to follow up when it comes to a large event. And not least when it comes to planning and logistics. But if we take a minute to think about what Sweden can manage when it comes to the athletic goals. We know that they have skills to reach the podium – in Kata and Kumite. And if we take a look back in the 2017 – when their neighbor, Denmark was the host of the EC. (see the team HERE)

In 2017, Sweden made a very strong effort i front of the championship, and came into the championship with their largest team ever. And at this championship Swede got a historic European gold medal in Sara Hägge, women heavyweight. This was Sweden’s first gold in the women category, and i total we think it was the the second, with Juhani Vepsäläinen being a EC champion back in 1993. We think Sweden will bring us a championship at a very high level – and we do also believe that Sweden will be ready with their strongest team ever!