Danish Fight Camp 2022

So – after one year break the Danish Fight Camp was up and go again! For many this was in matter of fact the last event before the (covid) lock down back i 2020 – and what a great way to kick it off again! The weekend 5-6 march was the date. Polish elite Karatekas of the world, Maciej Mazur and Konrad Kozubowski was the guest instructors this time – and the crowd was fired up and ready to go!

140 participants guested this years seminar

A special setting it was, not only thinking of the extreme situation the picture the world are in today, but also as mention that for many this was the first time since 2020 this kind of events was possible to go to. Restrictions has been different from nation to nation, but at the time it seems that everyone have same possibilities – more or less.

Maciej Mazur and Konrad Kozubowski was the main attraction as mention, and the short version would be that it was a great success! Trough the camp the participants was divided in to two groups. One occasion women and men, second occasion with an group for juniors only. This made the sessions very effective, since the training suited the group.

Maciej Mazur lessons contains topics of great importance. And no matter what level one may be at. The training is also very systematic, which makes it well suited for groups with a mixed level. Timing is essential, and this is emphasized through training. The understanding of “when” and not with which technique is about efficiency – and we have all seen it in practical use by the Maciej Mazur himself.

Constructive training drills become a good tool, and again you are at a higher level so you just add more to the principle / drill. The importance of a good defense is also made clear, small changes make a big difference. A strong defense provides good security and a good focus, which in turn provides good opportunities for counterattacks. The transfer from defense to attack is almost imperceptible when performed at the top level. These kind of drills are gold in the Dojo building up fighters.

Daniel Sternik & Anna Bielska

Sparring fills a lot of the camp, and that makes it a very good camp measured in training value. Technical sparring at a high pace is the basis – and the contact level is moderate to easy. This, of course, means that sparring becomes far more creative – than if you were to focus solely on power. One could see that this years camp had a little fewer national team members than in 2020, but no doubt about the level in total was good. Notable fighters who joined in to be mention Monika Zielińska, Anna Bielska, Daniel Sternik, Jimmie Collin up and coming danish Samuel Jacob Hallas and Emil Falk just to mention.


Konrad Kozubowski stands out as someone who has a burning passion in keeping fighting alive and creative. And if you look at everything in a larger perspective, then these are the kind of people you have to have to develop what we do. WKO has been blessed with practitioners such as Tsukamoto, Dimitrov, Ilias and so on, who develop full contact Karate further – so are willing to take a loss or two in the process.

The training is entertaining and playful – but it is of course serious and useful. In the techniques and exercises that are presented, there is also a lot of good training. Everything from coordination, motor training to mobility training. This means that everyone benefits from the lesson – not just those who are preparing for the next championship.

Mathias Davidoff Halberg runs the camp year after year without a scratch in the paint. In this in this description there is a danger that it will be to repeat what has been said / written from previous camps. But the main agenda is to train together and get better – and that’s it! -of course this is said about all camps – regardless of political agendas. But as I said before, this is a training camp not a political selfie camp. Not many have the same success, with over 20 years of keeping it top notch! This is a camp with you want to come back to – as that’s what we do!

Once again a grate camp with all components working perfectly. We can only thank everyone who made it possible and shared time and knowledge with the rest of us!

Planing the next camp? 🙂