Shin Norway – out of isolation!

After almost two years with COVID-19 restrictions, The Norwegian Kyokushin Organisation / Shinkyokushin Norway came fully out of isolation! Many events has been cancelled, and the strength of the organisation have really been tested. Fighters from all over the country was gathered once again to train together.

Fight camp in Bergen, Norway

Restrictions and restrictive measures in Norway

Norway have been under very hard restrictions the last two years. And all sport has been really shout down. Restrictions to keep one meter when you train (two meters when you train with high intensity) tells us that no training with use of partner can be done. In some periods, these restrictions have been in force only for those over 20 years of age. But again, other restrictions prohibit practitioners from different regions from gathering – which in turn means that there is minimal exchange and contact.

Line up before start

Summer-camps, seminars and tournaments – together with regular training has been canceled. But when there has been a possibility – the organisation has turned tables and manage to create minor events – as fight camp U-20. Last weekend, 19th February, the Kyokushin Open International was set to go in Bergen, West of Norway. Once again, due to the restriction it had to be canceled. Almost at the same time – the restrictions from the government was taken away – and in very short time, changing the focus a national fight camp was created.

Tor Andre Kvinge – Bergen KK World Champion competitor 2015 was one of the instructors during the weekend.

50 fighter and Karatekas came from all over the country, by train, plane and driving for over 8 hour to reach the camp. The organizer, Bergen Karate Club, made a perfect setting, and we was ready to go! The venue was Laksevåghallen – same as the Kyokushin Open was meant to be held. (And usually are being held)

Some tactics are being done

During the weekend a mixed program was done, all from tactics, techniques, Tabata – and a lot of sparring. The focus was to go trough the camp with a good flow, not get injured (since it was a long time from last session for many, and some was still recovering from being sick earlier with COVID-19) No doubt that this was a great success!

The camp was very important in several way, the training – of course, but to be able to organize, come together and socialize was with out doubt the most important thing. What this two years break have done by stagnation of the level is not easy to see, but these are the card we have been dealt, so we will play with them.

Some easy exchanges getting warmed up