In The Memory of Andrey Materov

Ten years ago we received the very sad message, that Andrey Materov had passed away after been on the intensive care since 27th January. The night of 26 on January 27, Andrey, opening the door to a burning apartment and, thus, trying to save himself and his mother, received severe burns (95% of the body, of which 20% – deep) February 11, 2012 at the Regional Burn Center at about 7 am in the Krasnoyarsk time, Andrew has died 21 years old.

Some us received the message in the little town Zutphen, in the Netherlands. This day ten years ago, 11.02.2012, the Dutch Open Shinkyokushin was organized and held

Despite his young age, Andrey Materov had startling results when it came to various championships. At that time, everyone had a fresh memory of his incredibly strong performance during The 10th World Championship – reaching top 8, and placed sixth! Loosing to non other than Norichika Tsukamoto.


Materov Andrey . 21 years old, graduate of the University of Krasnoyarsk Pedagogicheskgo (Faculty FKiS), Master of Sports of Russia, member of the Russian national team on Shinkyokushin karate. Winner of the Championship of Russia, Champion of the SFO in 2011, winner of the Absolute Championship of Russia 2010, Silver medalist at the Open Championship in Switzerland in 2011, Champion Russia 2011 Shinkyokushin karate.

Andrey Materov memorial tournament

All-Russian tournament in memory of A. Materov.

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