Shihan Tokujun Ishi

One of the most respected and knowledgeable Karate masters was Ichi Shihan. Unfortunately, he left us so far too soon. Some of us were lucky to train with him during the World Cup in 2007. It would be the last time we had that opportunity.

Ichi Shihan durinf the Danish Summercamp i 2007

While Sosai lived, Shihan Ishi trained and taught at Honbu in Tokyo. One day he was called in to Sosai. He was told he was going to travel to Australia and start Kyokushin there. There he was to do the next 3 years.

Video from Summercamp in Romania

After 3 years he was told he was going to continue his work in Australia, now he was not told how many years he was going to stay there so it was just to say Osu and keep going.

Then Sosai died, and Shihan Ishi thought that now that Sosai had not said he was going to come home to Japan, he had to stay in Australia for the rest of his life. However, suddenly he could no longer get a work and residence permit in Australia. Then he came back to Japan and became chief instructor at Honbu

He will never be forgotten.