53rd All Japan Open results

Kembu Iriki pulls trough a very tough All Japan Open – Iriki been top three six times, in the last seven All Japan Open’s. Includes winning the 48th & 52nd edition – as he now does in the 53rd edition. Chihiro Kubota defend her tittle from the 52nd, and a raising star comes into the final in Suzuki Mihiro. Two major victories was pulled of this weekend, 1. To face the challenge, organizing a tournament with the covid-19 and AND to manage to gather so many different fighters from different schools.

53rd All Japan Open results (Visit WKO Shinkyokushinkai FB for pictures and updates)

53rd All Japan Open

  1. Kembu Iriki
  2. Nariyoshi Tada
  3. Shin Kameyama
  4. Yusaku Watanabe
  5. Daisuke Tada
  6. Daiki Kato
  7. Yuhei Ashitaka
  8. Yuta Goto
Kan være et bilde av 2 personer, folk som står, stadion og innendørs
Picture from WKO Shinkyokushinkai Facebook – visit for full updates


  1. Chihiro Kubota
  2. Suzuki Mihiro
  3. Ren Mizutani
  4. Yuna Mokudai