Fighting Seminar Denmark 2022

It should be no need to advertise for the Danish Fighting Seminar – but on the other hand such a great event must be noticed! The seminar info are spread all around by Facebook by now, but we will add some extra “flesh to the bone”..

Finally, it seems that we are back on track – the Covid-19 still makes it hard for many but, yes it looks quit right. We missed the 2021 edition – so it is very well needed. As always, Mathias D Halberg Sensei will put together a total package that include the best food, top instructors and the famous atmosphere.

Camp organizer Mathias D Halberg

Guest instructors for the 2022 camp are well known profiles, and have been guests and participants on previous editions. Multiply champion from the European Championships, and the vice champion from the 12th World Open championship in 2019 – Maciej Mazur / Poland. Mazur has been instructor at the Danish camp earlier, and it was quite clear that Maciej Mazur possesses instructor skills that fits just into the top he fought. Very understandably lessons, good work-tools / drills to get results. And good dept in the drills, so a group with different level can work with the same focus – adjusting the level.

Maciej Mazur/ Poland

The second instructor fro 2022, also from Poland – and also a top merited athlete. Konrad Kozubowski, Poland. Kozubowski possesses top skills in fight and in Kata! But since this is a fight seminar, we must put the Kata a little to the side – this weekend. Kozubowski has been on the European Championship podium in fight, and do also have several notable “Open” victories. So this will be highly interesting.

Konrad Kozubowski, Poland.

So, the date are ready and that will all that have an interest in being better also! Our personal favorite attraction in this camp will be the atmosphere, the true interest in teamwork across level, nations and styles as well.