Kyokushin Open – Norway 2022

Norway, Bergen town will organize Kyokushin Open 2022, 19th February. Together with other “Open tournaments” this plays a important matter when it comes to build up Full-contact Karate. The Kyokushin Open – Norway are always good organized, information, schedule all very well taken care of. You are warmly welcomed!

Surrounded by the beautiful mountains, Bergen town is the place where great Kyokushin tradition lays. The team behind Kyokushin Open, have organized tournaments for many years. Some of you might remember “The European Cup” late back in the start of 2000 and in 1998. At that time (in an another organization) fighter as Sylwester Sypien / Poland, Sergey Osipov / Russia, Ionel Stancu / Romania, Alexander Pichkunov /Russia, Richard Von Mansfeldt /Holland and Egil Arne Okland / Norway – so the tradition are intact. Through reorganization, the Kyokushin Open has emerged through several years of experience, and you will a part of it all 19th February.

The Kyokushin Open Norway offer on regular basis all categories in Kumite (no Kata) (more info will come) The fighters mainly comes from Norway, naturally, but countries like Sweden, Poland, Italy, Lithuania, Hungary, Denmark and France have been visiting the tournament. Today’s tournament are meant for up and coming fighters or fighters searching for experience – in other words, not the top elite fighters – but someone that might become that on sight. Make you mark in the calendar!

Polish team in 2019 / Mazur Shihan

In these days we have European Championship & World Championship / cup’s “every weekend” so many “Open tournament” are being choked down, loosing in the competition with major tournaments. “but it is not meant to compete with EC’s” one might think – and that’s correct. But it happen when the frequency of major tournaments are so high. We need the “full ladder” in competition, the Open tournaments plays as said an important roll.

Lithuania, Italy and Norway on the podium 2018

More info, full package with guidelines, hotels and general iformatios about the tournament will come. An official Facebook site will also be a channel to follow.

Italian team