Road to the World Championship

One year from now, 23. September 2022 The 7th World Karate Championship in weight Categories will be held in Poland. The road to Poland, and the 7th World Championship has began. Some are all ready qualified, the rest will come. The European region will select the rest of the fighters who will represent the region of Europe. 4-5 of December 2021 in Kėdainiai (Kaunas), Lithuania, in “Kėdainių Arena”.

After the European Championship in Georgia, the organizing of major tournaments goes as normal – more or less. Still with Covid-19 restrictions, that we might will get use to have in a long time. The European region is known to challenge the top spots in the World Championship, in other worlds: to qualify trough the European Region will always be extremely difficult. Whats makes it even more difficult is the weight-categories used in the World Championship in weight, that is not synchronized with the EC. An example will be the top category men/women that is only+85/+60 kg.

Lithuania will be the host of the selection tournament as you all know, Kumite men 1st and 2nd places and Kumite women 1st place winners will be selected to participate in the World Karate Championship on September 24-25, 2022 in Poland. This is a selection tournament to the 7th WKO World Championship, but reading the info, we see that also others can enter: 2 participants in each category from other organization.

The preliminary schedule are set to start the tournament Saturday 4th December, with preliminary rounds, and the Semifinals and finals Sunday 5th December. The Tournament are named “European Karate Cup” for some reason, but the name does not give one a description of what this is all about: who will fight in Poland next year!

The official tournament site are up, trough the Kumite tech. portal.

Two major tournaments will be held the same weekend 3-5 December 2021

At the same place, at the same time another major tournament will be held: European Karate Open Category Championship. This is an open-weight tournament – as the tittle gives us. So, who will fight in this championship -and who will fight in the selection tournament? Can it be room for both?

A closer look will give us some leads. The selection tournament have the usual “two fighters per nation” But in the Open-weight tournament the number of fighters from nations are free. The largest nations will for sure have fighters to send into both championship – and that in a high level as well. Fighters that are qualified for the World Championship can not participate in the selection tournament – so for them the Open-weight might be interesting.

In this Open-weight info and guidelines,the Preliminary schedule says that the selection tournament last one day – Saturday, and the Open-Weight will be in Sunday. This is not synchronized with the info from the selection tournament, where its stated that the selection tournament last two days. We just have to wait for further information.

4th December 2021, Saturday: 10:00 – European Cup in weight categories and kata. 5th December 2021, Sunday: 10:00 – European Karate Open Category Championship.

04.12.2021 Saturday:10:00 – European Cup 1st day. 05.12.2021 Sunday:10:00 – European Cup 2nd day (semifinals and finals);

Time will show how the events will turn out, and it will be exciting to see who be at the line up and who will face top top contender of the world next year. We conclude that the machinery is up and running again!