Donatas Imbras Vs Lukas Kubilius

Two of the toughest heavyweight fighters out of Europe, for the most of us no introduction needed. But some may wonder, and these two fighters challenged the very best in the world. Reaching top 4 six times in World Championships Open and with weight categories. What happen when they fought each other?

Donatas Imbras (video gallery) took his first European Championship tittle in 2003, on home-court, Lithuania. In total he became EC Champion five times, last time in 2011 – also in Lithuania. In the final that year he fought country-man Lukas Kubilius (Video gallery). Kubilius entered the EC podium 7 times, and became EC champion as well. But the one who stood in his way in 2010 and 2011 was Donatas Imbras. The fight we have picked are not from EC, but from the national championship in 2010, between the EC champion from 07-Imbras vs the EC champion from 08-Kubilius..