Romanian International Cup 2021

I one month, October the 2nd, The Romanian International Cup 2021 will be held in TRANSYLVANIA Sports Hall – Sibiu. If you are a young fighter – or have some young up and coming fighters, the end of registration will end in one week – 12th September. Don’t miss this great opportunity to Kick-start the 2021-22 season!

Romanian Int Cup 2019 – Kumite & Kata

As a difference from previous editions, this time the seniors Open-Weight category are replaced with the U-21, and further on, as usual rest of the youth / children categories.

  • U-12 Children: year of birth 2009,2010
  • U-14 Children: year of birth 2007,2008
  • U-16 Cadets: year of birth 2005,2006
  • U-18 Juniors: year of birth 2003,2004
  • U-21 Youth : A competitor is considered as a Youth U-21 from the date of birth he/she will be 18 years old to the 1st of January in the year he/she will be 21 years old

Registration, all information you need: Official Website