Willy Williams vs. Masaaki Satake

Back in 1991 these two fighters fought each other in a five single match event. Two profiled strong fighters who had similar path in their fighting-life, going trough Karate, into other styles as K-1 and MMA. This fight was held in 1991 – Karate Fullcontact – and a classic battle between strength and technique – top spirit crowning it all.

Williams was international known in the Full Contact Karate World, almost from the start. Fought Howard Collins in the 1st World Championship (lost on decision) Participated in the 1st, 2nd and World Championship – reached 3rd place in the 2nd (Lost to Keiji Sanpei) Top 32 in the 3rd World Championship (Lost to Keizo Tahara) Williams was very popular, and was a star in events held in Japan. Fought the famous Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki in 1980, the match is referred to as a predecessor to the day mma – although it was staged. Williams moved further on into RINGS, a Japanese mma organisation, fought 17 fights in a couple of year, and retired in 1994.Williams died on June 8, 2019, at the age of 68

Masaaki Satake did also start with Fullcontact Karate – and moved on. For many it will be his fights in K-1 that stand more out than others – in a very active career. Satake did also move on into the MMA fighting, but as mention K-1 fights was the top. Fighting opponents as Andy Hug, Ernesto Hoost, Sam Greco, Mike Bernado, Peter Arerts and many more. More recently many of you will connect him to Fullcontact Karate – as he is a board member oft JFKO

Video by The Fighter YouTube channel