EC Shin- it’s on! Men +95kg

Closing in to a very special event in Georgia, with the Covid19 still as a strong factor. No doubt that the the pandemic have an impact at the tournament, but everything is set to go off as planned. The difference between how the nations have been able to prepare are huge. Some nation has not been allowed to train and do sparring, others close to normal. Anyway, we dive into the categories to take a look into the line up..

Men +95 kg 9 fighters

In the heaviest category we could have more fighters – nine fighters in an EC or World Championship for that matter should have more fighters. Comparing to last time in 2019, when no one had heard about Covid19 – we could see the heaviest category with 17 fighters – so we are not worried. An economic (Covid19?) factor can also be a part of it, since Georgia are one of the nations in the European region located furthest to the East.

No doubt a topic in this category has been the absent of reign champion Maciej Mazur / Poland – not to forget the vice world champion from the 12th World Karate Championship 2019. We assume that he is sharpening his knuckles to next year’s top event in Poland, 7th World championship weight categories.

Luckily, we got some top fighters in this category – some more champions to follow in other worlds! Lithuania: Eventas Gužauskas and Antanas Klibavičius. These two gentlemen will for sure find the way to the podium, in that matter one can say “sure” in this game. Both on the EFKO EC podium in 2020, Gužauskas went all the way to the top. His top results would be: placed 6th in the 12th World Open Karate Championship in 2019, and 5th place in the 6th World weight category in 2017 – also to mention being the 2018 EC Shin champion as well. Gužauskas have great all round skills, and great experience from a ton of fights, and K.O. techniques. His animalistic final spurt in the fighting makes it very difficult to win over him -if you manage to keep up during the fight. Several have kept up throughout the matches, but when the last thirty seconds come, he has a turbo gear that few can match.

Eventas Gužauskas Photo by Piotr Sztencel

Klibavičius right behind. Not so strong merits as his teammate, but do have several tittles and results across organisations and tournaments. Very physically tough, strong in his drive and pressure – and he will quickly bring the fight to you. Besides being a physically strong athlete, he also possesses good all-round qualities.

Antanas Klibavičius (photo by ?)

Hungarian fighters Máté Dávid and Andras David. Andras David been on the EC podium in this category two years a row, 2018/19. Both of them made it to the final day in the 12th World karate Championship – and with that, they did impress many of us. Andreas lost to Japanese top fighter Yuto Eguchi and Máté Dávid lost to Gužauskas mention above. So “dark horse” in the field could be Dávid Máté / Hungary. Advanced in the 2019 EC, but in the category below. It will be very interesting to see how much this young fighter has developed now.

Another strong spirited fighter in this category to mention will be Lasha Kamarauli / Georgia. Being the KWU EC champion from 2018, where he beat Máté Dávid in the final. Have not made into the EC Shin podium yet, but will leave a mark on the tatami. In 2019 he lost his second fight in the EC, facing Kostiantyn Inozemtsev / Ukraine.  Inozemtsev on his side had been moving up from the category below, proved that he could stay against the heavier fighters. Lost his next fight against Antanas Klibavičius. We notice fighter from Belarus, not so known in this connection, but Aleh Dalidovich do have two podium places in the KWU World Championships 2017/19.  Therefore, the number of fighters could be higher, but the quality seems very good!

Lasha Kamarauli Photo by ?