EC Shin- it’s on! Women -65kg

Closing in to a very special event in Georgia, with the Covid19 still as a strong factor. No doubt that the the pandemic have an impact at the tournament, but everything is set to go off as planned. The difference between how the nations have been able to prepare are huge. Some nation has not been allowed to train and do sparring, others close to normal. Anyway, we dive into the categories to take a look into the line up..

Women – 65kg 14 fighters

Strong fighters is packed into this category. We have some of the strongest profiles, and it is natural to start with reign champion Ivanka Popova / Bulgaria. EC Open Weight champion also, so whatever your size is – you will get your hands full – stepping into the tatami with Ivanka Popova.

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We mention the weigh – because this category has three “visitors” from the + 65kg category. Anna Bojda / Poland, Camille Haddouche / France and Aiala Garcia / Spain – two last with medals from earlier EC’s. Garcia also runner up in the EC Open-weight 2019. This results made her qualify to the 12th World Open Karate Championship later in 2019. Garcia advanced in the World Championship, before losing vs Inga Mikštaitė.

Photo by – Aiala Garcia / Spain (t.l)

Camille Haddouche / France came into 3rd place in 2019, showing great skills and endurance. She has been quite successful in many organizations and championship. Became the EC Champion in KWF, 3rd place in the KWU World championship and more. Good kicking-skills, really entertaining fight-style, and always giving 100%

Ivanka Popova / Bulgaria, Camille Haddouche / France and Aiala Garcia / Spain All three very experienced fighters, and will be factor in the category – the draw will as always count in, but this will be highly interesting. Further, we got Lithuania with two fighters, Erika Rukšėnaitė and Aneta Meškauskienė, both been on the EC Shin podium. The same goes for home fighter Tamar Bibileishvili / Georgia – with 3rd places in 2016 and 18. Especially Aneta Meškauskienė got a respectable record, most of them from IFK and KWU, can she improve her 3rd place from 2019 EC in Lithuania?

Aneta Meškauskienė – photo by Svein Olaf Bænnes

From Hungary a young fighter, Kerekes Réka that really makes her way into the senior division. Have already notable wins, two victories in the EC EFKO. No doubt that “things” are pointing in the right direction. It is safe to say that this category will be a close race. Taking all these fighters and adding up their merits and achievements.

Sensei Agócs Tibor /Yakuzák SE / Y Akadémi. (with Team-mate Móczó Milán) and Kerekes Réka and Shihan Furko Kalman 8th Dan Hungary.