Polish EC qualifying Championship

May 8th the Polish national EC qualifying championship was held, and the main goal for the senior fighters was to qualify to the upcoming European Championship in Georgia in June. More or less – the favorites made their goal, but some really hard and even fights made it exciting to watch. Also some profiles had moved from their regular category – and that will also always be interesting to follow. Results and link to stream (if you missed it)

Results Kumite

We remind you that some of the Polish top profiles all ready was qualified to the European Championship – if you miss them among the results 😉 Video full stream – scroll all the way down..

Pictures at Okiem Sportowca

Women – 50 kg

  1. Monika Podora/Hajime
  2. Natalia Chrzanowska/Klub Kyokushin Karate im. Masutatsu Oyama
  3. Martyna Łukasik/ TKS “Karate”  and Magdalena Hajduk/ Tarnowski Klub Sportowy Kyokushin Karate

Women – 55 kg

  1. Oliwia Kurzątkowska/Klub Kyokushin Karate im. Masutatsu Oyama
  2. Agata Kozubowska /Opolski Klub Karate Kyokushin

Women – 60 kg

  1. Sandra Nowak/TKS “Karate”
  2. Natalia Korzec/Tarnowski Klub Sportowy Kyokushin Karate
  3. Adrianna Niemczyk/ARI KLUB KARATE KYOKUSHIN and 3 Ewa Jabłuszewska/ Ippon

Women – 65 kg

  1. Anna Bojda/Klub Kyokushin Karate im. Masutatsu Oyama
  2. Izabela Janiak/Klub Kyokushin Karate im. Masutatsu Oyama
  3. Agnieszka Ząbek/Tarnowski Klub Sportowy Kyokushin Karate and 3 Wioleta Wilczak/Stasiak Dojo Bytomski Klub Sportowy Karate Shinkyokushin

Women + 65 kg

  • 1 Monika Zielińska/Bielański Klub Kyokushin Karate
  • 2 Katarzyna Jaśkowska/Klub Kyokushin Karate im. Masutatsu Oyama

Men – 65 kg

  2. Filip Szeller/Opolski Klub Karate Kyokushin
  3. Kamil Kowol/TKS “Karate”

Men – 75 kg

  1. 1 Igor Lamot/Klub Kyokushin Karate im. Masutatsu Oyama
  2. 2 Kamil Berkowicz/Klub Kyokushin Karate im. Masutatsu Oyama
  3. 3 Damian Jaśkiewicz/TKS “Karate” and 3 Miłosz Adamczyk/Tarnowski Klub Sportowy Kyokushin Karate

Men – 85 kg

  • Marek Odzeniak/Bielański Klub Kyokushin Karate
  • Szymon Olpiński/Klub Sportów Walki Bushi
  • Patryk Kostrzewa/TKS “Karate” and 3 Jerzy Pryga/Sosnowiecki Klub Karate

Men -95 kg

  1. Marek Wolny/TKS “Karate”
  2. Jakub Tęcza/IPPON
  3. Artur Kaczmarek/Klub Sportów i Sztuk Walk

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