Gergana Atanasova vs Edit Ábrahám

In 2007, at the 9th World Karate Championship two of the very best European fighters faced each other in the quarter final. Gergana Atanasova (Bulgaria) and Edit Ábrahám (Hungary) Both “always” to see at the EC podium – like in 2007, both in the EC final, Ábrahám in middleweight and Atanasova in heavyweight.

In 2007, The European Championship was held in Lithuania. As mention, both – Atanasova and Abraham participated in their final. Edit Ábrahám defeated home-fighter Inga Mikštaitė to secure her first European Championship tittle. This was the first of three in a row.

Atanasova fought her final in the Heavy-weight category. And challenging the multiple EC champion, and two times World Weight Category champion: Veronkia Szövetes. Atanasova fought Veronkia Szövetes to extension – giving a picture of a top international fighter in world class.