Lithuanian national 2021

LIVE TODAY! One of the top nations in Europe will decide who will represent the nation in the main tournaments coming up, such as European Championship in Georgia this June 2021. Profiled top fighters will meet on the tatami, divided into five categories for women and men each. Kata is also on the program.

The interest for a national championship would maybe be a little laid back, but when it’s comes to a top nation such as Lithuania, one will naturally have interest – since one can assume that the top fighters of this national – will be top fighters in the upcoming European Championship as well. LIVE and more to follow below..

Top fighters as Antanas Klibavičius, Eventas Gužauskas, Edgard Sečinski,Justinas Kvietka, Kęstutis Radvila, Juras Sokolovas, Domas Sutkus, Brigita Gustaitytė, Rima Lisinskaitė, Aneta Meškauskienė, Skaistė Venckutė, Gerda Pekarskaitė, Erika Žeburtovič can be watched today – and this are only some of the most profiled, many less profiled – but eminent fighters will challenge the top.

Categories, draws and all the fact – you can find at Kumite Technology, LIVE sending below.

Due some technical problems, the stream stopped – new channel are up, waiting to start..