The 52nd All Japan Open-Line up

Closing in to the 52nd edition of the All Japan Open, the DRAW are ready and the excitement raises. The men’s category are supported by 65 fighters, and the women’s category have 37 fighters. Strong names – as usually, and once again: this is the All Japan Open – open weight, supported by many different organisations and top fighters.

The DRAW (only in Japanese) are ready,and we have taken the liberty to translate some of the top names, so we can see who will possible face each other – in witch order.

WKO Shinkyokushinkai, have several well known names in the line up – as expected. Top rated fighters and among top 8 from the 12th World Championship last year: Daiki Kato and Yuto Eguchi. If we look further, we find the 48th All Japan Open champion Kembu Iriki, being the runner up several occasions behind world champion Yuji Shimamoto. Yuji will not fight this time, but there will be Shimamoto in the line up: Kazufumi Shimamoto. Not quite the record as Kato and Iriki – yet.

There are also very strong fighters with less merits and “lighter” records, that we know will be a challenge for anyone. Shin Kameyama, Junki Ochi and Yusaku Watanabe are good examples. We have an extra eye on Watanabe, being a very explosive effective fighter. We, like many others, were impressed by him during the World Cup. Although there was a stop in the 4th round against Edgard Secinski, a match he led well – but just lost due to hits with unregulated technique. When he can push a fighter as good as Edgard Secinski, this will tell a lot about his potential and level.

Yusaku Watanabe (Sinkyokushin)

Japan have so many really good full-contact karate-fighters, and for each good one you notice – a dozen unknown pops up behind them again. This makes it so interesting to follow. The tournament have good support from several organizations, and some very strong fighters – champions, will go for the top spots.

Yuto Eguchi (Shinkyokushin)

The A-block with Yuto Eguchi with number 1 on his back, will meet some stiff competition down the line. Masaki Oishi – reign KWF GP Champion earlier this year would possible be one of them if they both win two fights. Further in the A-block: Yusaku Watanabe, and the very smooth technician from Byakuren-Kaikan: Yuto Fukuchi. One of the absolute best middleweight fighters that is – how far ill he get in the open-weight? Climbed to the top inn the 1st WFKO International Tournament – 2018, and also champion the year before that: 4th JFKO All Japan Weight Tournament – 2017

Strong contenders from different organisations , From left: Yuto Fukuchi(Byakuren-Kaikan) /Block A, Naoki Morita (Miyamoto Dojo) / Block D and Jo Miyahara (KWF)/ Bock B

The B-block have similar quality, with Kembu Iriki in the one end, possible facing 2019 KWF World Grand Prix champion Jo Miyahara as the first big challenge. In the opposite end of Iriki, another champion: Sho Shigematsu, Kyokushin Union – Rengokai 2017 5th World Cup winner, and the runner up in the 6th World Cup 2019. For him, maybe Yuya Tanaka from Yamada Dojo will be a hard nut to crack in the possible third fight. Tanaka, proven to be capable to reach into the top – being the runner up in JFKO All Japan Open last year. Although that was in the middleweight division, but as for now, Tanaka has put some weight on, and that might come in handy, open-weight tournament as this is.

Kembu Iriki (Shinkyokushinkai)

C-block starts of with Kazufumi Shimamoto, and down further on his path we do have several different types of fighters. Heavyweights as Shoki Shimizu, tough fighter that will be a challenge. But in the possible third fight, there will be a very strong challenge in Yuta Goto. Standing 190 tall, 94 kg – and 2019 KWF World Grand Prix champion in the super-heavy weight. Came 4th last year in the JFKO weight division – and 7th place the year before that in the 1st WFKO championship. This is a fighter we can expect to advance in the tournament. The question is how far can he manage to go?

From left: Kazufumi Shimamoto (Shinkyokushinkai) and Yuta Goto (MAC)

Still in the C-block, more fighters that we have seen on the podium in previous tournaments. Shin Kameyama / Shinkyokushin (runner up in JFKO 2017 SHW) Genki Kamei / Nakamura Dojo (2nd KWF World championship 2018, 2nd 2018 KWF World Grand Prix and 2017 KWF World Grand Prix champion middleweight) In other worlds, this block will be very interesting to follow – a good mix with various fighters!

Genki Kamei / Nakamura Dojo

We move to the last block, and the last fighter in the line up: Daiki Kato. Showed good technical fighting last year in the 12th World Championship. Been on the podium, and top three several times, All Japan Open as well as the World championship. Went all the way in his category in the 1st WFKO championship in 2018. Kato consider to be one of the top names in this edition, and can reach his first All Japan Open Weight – if he manage the tough competition.

Daiki Kato, 12th World championship 2019. Photo by by Sensei Piotr Sztencel &

Kato could probably face a very good strong merited fighter in their second fight in Atsuki Ono. Ono is giving away some in weight and height, but looking at his great record, this will be a interesting one. Top 3 KWF World Grand Prix last four years, champion in 2019 and now in 2020 as well, doing so in a higher weightless than the year before. in the 4th KWU World Championships.

Atsuki Ono / D block number 61

There are more champions in the D-block, and the 4th JFKO All Japan champion from 2017 will be the next to introduce. Naoki Morita / Miyamoto Dojo. been on the JFKO podium in 2015/16 as well. Being also the reign 2020 KWF World Grand Prix in the SHW category, beating the reign IFK & KWU World Champion Vitaly Ishakneli. for the second time. Did the same in 2018 for the WFKO one match fight tittle.

Junki Ochi (Shinkyokushinkai)

Morita will challenge the best, and one of the best in the block can meet him the 3rd fight: Junki Ochi. 3 times 3rd place JFKO, and third in the 1st WFKO championship also. Represented Japan in the 11th and the 12th World Championship – and made it to the second day both times. But it could be hard to make it all the way, weighing just above 70 kg.

Who will be the Champion after 6-7 fights? One thing for sure – it want come for free!

(women’s division – coming up soon..)