Fight Camp Denmark 2020

Either you have been here and know what this is – and then you will come back. And if you haven’t been here, you can only at least speculate on how the camp is. You have to feel it to believe it. Of course, it is many great camps around – but one need to create something special.. have the Danish Camp manage that? Well with twenty years a row, and waiting list to enter – the answer it quite clear!

Pictures by Elvira Gummesson

When it came to this year’s 20th anniversary, celebrity guests from Japan had been brought in as top instructors. This year’s guest instructors was Tadashi Ishihara (Japan) and daughter Riri Ishihara. Tadashi Ishihara has been visiting Denmark before, at the Danish Summer camp, and also at the Danish Fight Camp back in 2009 – if we are remember correct. Ishihara is the former World Cup winner in middle weight in 1997, among the best eight at World Tournament 1999 and All Japan Open Champion. Riri Ishihara is the daughter of Tadashi Ishihara, and belong to the next generation of young very competent fighters from Japan. Represented Japan at the 12th World Championship. And runner up at The 5th All Japan JFKO – and more.

Pictures by Elvira Gummesson

Once again was the sport hall filled to the breaking point with full contact Karate fighters. The two sessions at the first day was 3 hours sessions. In the two first hours it was technical working, with different kinds of inputs from the instructors. Getting inputs from the national coach of Japan – well one can live with that! Besides working with great inputs, one do also benefit a very competent group, and not to mention a extreme supportive group. All the participants really make each other better – sparring or in the technical working.

The top level with fighters as Edgard Sečinski, Marek Wolny, Agata Winiarska, Erika Žeburtovič, Anna Bielska – are only a handful of the absolute top fighters,Poland and Lithuania was represented by several. Also the local fighters was attending, Denmark have several seniors and juniors as well. Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. And like before a nice Ashihara “spice” as well, strongly represented from Ashihara Denmark.

Pictures by Elvira Gummesson

“The total package”

With the factors mention above plus the very high standard when it comes to the food – makes it easy to enter the event year after year. The camp does apply to the up and coming fighter, the veteran fighter or coach – and of course the active fighter. One do have to admire the elite fighters, and how much they give of themselves when it comes to pulling others up and forward. One could imaged that the interest dropped a little when a less skilled person are ready in the next sparring round. But no, and far from that. To get some “burn out” the last day can offer a sparring session that will step by step “eliminate” you by level. In the end it will only be the most competent fighters pacing each others! The “elimination” are of course not brutal as it hears, this are done by the man running the event..

Many of the Shihans from different countries are also attending. Also here one receive inputs and guiding, and of course general feedback on your team, fighters or yourself after a sweaty sparring session! Link to official Facebook page

Pictures by Elvira Gummesson Gilbert Cleveringa and Mathias Davidoff Hallberg

With 20 years a row, and still striving to improve the concept: Mathias Davidoff Hallberg and his team. Said before, but when you have a event that only increases after 20 year, it is clear that it is kind of special. The short version would be: a great treat for a minimum cost. But it is also how the guidelines of the camp are. Playful – but strict in the sparring – so one avoids unnecessary damage in less or more severe case. And if anyone still has any doubts: this is not a “selfie camp” And taken into account when there are so many participants – but despite that, there are little pictures pictures and promotions done by the participants. Why? The answer is simple: there is simply no need for it, you have what you need…

Pictures by Elvira Gummesson Ali Hayder and Fady Allan
Pictures by Elvira Gummesson Erika Žeburtovič and Mantas Chrapačas