Champion versus Champion

We continue to look at the previous World Champions – as an “warm up” to the upcoming 12th World Open Karate Championship this Autumn in Japan. A World Championship that will be the main event this year in the full contact Karate World. We pick up the champions, and time we will give you some videos from when these champions met each other in different tournaments..

First one brings us back, and back for several years. Two really true warriors that always gave 110% and gained respect all over the World – and became World Champions: Toru Okamoto and Kunihiro Suzuki. This fight was held in 1993 at the 10th All Japan Weight Category Tournament. At last Suzuki came in on 2nd place, behind Kenji Yamaki. 3rd place to the legend Hiroki Kurosawa, who beat Kentoku Saeki in the battle for the 3rd place.

(Note that the video contains two fights, the firs one as we mention Okamoto vs Suzuki, the second fight with Kurosawa vs Yasumitsu Toyota)

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The next one, we keep following Suzuki Kunihiro, and this time he was up against a very powerful opponent: Takayuki Tsukakoshi. Facing each other in the semi final in the 8th World Open karate Championship – in their 6th fight that tournament.

Video brought to you by 亜細亜龍太郎 

In 2010, The 42nd All Japan Open Karate Tournament semifinal, Takayuki Tsukakoshi faced a another World Champion – and a World Champions to be – again, Norichika Tsukamoto. They had also been fighting each other in the All Japan Open final some years earlier (2006) in the 36th edition of the tournament.

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In the 5th World Cup 2013, now known as the World Championship in weight categories, we had a touching moment when Kunihiro Suzuki was making his last international tournament. Suzuki being the one that have faced all the other World Champions trough his career. Now it was time for Yuji Shimamoto to get the new generation on top.

Video brought to you by WKO SHINKYOKUSHINKAI 新極真会