Batumi Open-Caucasus Cup 2019

Caucasus Cup – Georgia,

From from previous editions known to be a very hard and tough tournament. And it would surprise us if this edition came out in a another direction. The International Tournament “Batumi Open-Caucasus Cup 2019 will be held the weekend 28-31st September. (Tournament day 29th) This may not be the most promoted tournament, but taking in consideration the countries that attend previous years Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine gives us an idea about the level…

NOTE: deadline for registering 1st August 2019 

The international tournament “Caucasus Cup” has been held since 1998 and the Caucasus region has participated in it. According to the Sports Ministry, other countries have expressed willingness to participate in the international sporting event and for 5 years already, the composition of participants is increasingly diverse. Competition, which is conducted by international rules of contact karate, are developing and one do have in mind that Georgia will be the host of the European Championship in 2020 – as they did with great success in 2016.

Looking in the European region Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine have taken more medals in the EC, specially Azerbaijan maybe. Also being organizing the European Tournament tells us what direction this brings us. Outside EC matter, of course Kazakhstan has for many years given us very good strong fighters – as we saw this summer at the world championship in Astana.

Contact tournament:

Avtandil Shengelia Shihan, WKO Branch Chief and President of GFKNF.

Irakli Dolaberidze Head of Sport Department of Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia. Country representative.

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