The first international Shinkyokushin-Camp – Turkey 2019

Former star-fighter and vice-world champion Muzaffer Bacak Sensei, we hold seminar in Turkey this September. The reason is worth noting: Muzaffer Bacak Sensei will take on the task of starting a new Branch / Dojo in Turkey. This on the recommendation of WKO’s President Midori. Official information from WKO Shinkyokushinkai website: Muzaffer Bacak 4th Dan, the finalist of the 7th World Open Karate Championship, will hold the 1st Shinkyokushin Camp in Bursa, Turkey on September 6-8, 2019. Documents, info and guidelines – and a video from previous seminars…

Camp info:

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Video from the Lithuanian summer camp in 2016, guest instructor Muzaffer Bacak:


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Koen Spitaels, 5th dan (BE)
Muzi Bacak, 4th dan (DE)
Pawel Orysiak, 4th dan (POL)
Marc Goyvaerts, 4th dan (BE)
An Polimeno-Driesens, 3rd dan (CH-BE)
Michiel Vlemincx, 3rd dan (BE)
Peter De Raedt, 3rd dan (BE)

The experience of training “one day of sosai’s life”, The time on Mt. Kiyozumi. This time his training was fanatical — 12 hours”