Ready for the 12th World Championship!

Last weekend gave us six more fighters from the European region to represent Europe in the 12th World Championship Shinkyokushin in November. We witness a very tough qualifying tournament in Prague (we will come back to that) and in a 33 fighters line up,  more was added to the all ready eight..

The winner and clearly a raising star Lili Mezo / Hungary (maybe) not so unexpected went all the way to the top. An extremely good technical practitioner, who also has the strength and endurance to back this up. Taking the fight with a technical variation and a determination that is most often associated with older and more affectionate practitioners. Very entertaining and effective style of fighting.

Coming into the senior division this spring in the European Championship in Vilnius, where she manage to reach the podium facing and putting the pressure on the top fighters in her category.

The runner up Aiala García / Spain, did reach her highest merits this weekend. Earlier achievements would be third place at the European Championship in 2017, held in Denmark. Showed strong aggressive fighting trough the whole tournament, putting the pressure on her opponents right from the start. Good stamina and drive, and showed also the ability to end fight before full time.

Fights in the heaviest category on normal basis, and she has met the best ones – fought the time and do always bring the fight to her opponent. Will join  team mate Eider Cardenosa, who made the qualify in Hungary last time.

This tournaments third pace holders was both very merited. Firs one to mention Marta Lubos / Poland. From before Poland got Agata Winiarska ready, and now they can add Marta Lubos (and Monika Zielińska) to their team. Marta “The Luboss” Lubos are clearly a fighter that belongs in the World Championship. Highly merited, very active fighter who are among the top fighters.

One of the few fighters that follows the eminent champion Mezo to the end and looses on weight. The pace, technique, strength and stamina – it’s all there. Been on the European Championship podium in several organizations, fought the best across weight, nations and organizations.

The other third place in this qualify tournament went to Aneta Meskauskiene /Lithuania. Living in Ireland – but fighting now for Lithuania. Has been representing IFK Ireland, and have most of her merits to IFK and KWU. Manage this spring to reach the European Championship podium in Vilnius, Lithuania, with a third place capture.

Really digging deep in this tournament, and being tested to the limit from the start. Shows good stamina and will to win, unfortunately she was injured by her opponent, which meant that she could not continue to fight in the tournament. She will join Lithuania, and steps in as fighter number five from this nation.

Andreea Merca / Romania, did also qualify. Merca has been one of the top fighters in Europe last ears taking European tittles as she moved trough the different wight categories. So tough as they get, and keep going regardless of how much one manage to hit her. Stalking down her opponents and you are in for a very hard physical battle when you face her. With this skills she have more than one time manage to tip dead even fights in her direction – for in the end, it’s all about who will have the will to go beyond own limits.  In this qualifying tournament she had to leave the tatami after facing Mezo, who mange to move on in the tournament with a judge decision.

Monika Zielińska / Poland – European champion, and a very technical fighter. Very good med her legs, variations and movements makes it very challenging for her opponents to face her. Do also have the capacity to end fight before full time, as we saw now recently.

Also being the youngest of the Polish fighters, and that will be something to bring into the future as well. The World Championship will give Zielińska even more experience to go further on in her carrier.

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