European Open-weight Championship 2019

2nd EKO selection tournament women Open weight for the 12th World Championship.
Jun 27-29.2019 – Prague, Czech Republic. Once again, a big tournament has come, and a five-day schedule is ready…(note not official poster)

Open Weight Women – 2nd selection. 

There is a tight schedule for practitioners in the WKO / EKO Shinkyokushin, but it should be, considering that it is a World Cup year. As you know, it is hard qualifying to come to Japan and participate in the world Cup. This makes their status of the highest – yes, just getting there is a great achievement.

Regarding to the Open Weight in Hungary 2018, where top 8 in the women division was selected to the World Championship – they will not participate this time. But as last time fighters with EC medals can participate in additional to the two fighters each nation have. This means that the line up will be dominated by the strongest nations by a significant higher number than other nations.

In the age-determined classes, it is also clear for fierce competition. One has seen how the level of these groups has been raised to an incredibly good level.

1st bulletin

We witness in Lithuania, European Championship that young fighters gave the established senior fighters hard fights, and challenged the in every possible way.