Polish national 2019

The Polish national will always bee interesting to follow. Poland being one of the top nations in Europe, with highly competent teams and fighters. For many of the fighters this was only two weeks after they fought in the European Championship – that could easily be challenging! Newly European Champions did also attend “another day at work” one could say. Photo from https://www.facebook.com/lamot.dojo.wroclaw/

We are very impressed by Maciej Mazur, Anna Bielska – straight back to the tatami after success in the European Championship – being newly crowned. Also a very tough heavyweight for women with top three Marta Lubos, Monika Zielińska and Anna Bojda. Hard final with the “Marek’s” Marek Wolny vs Marek Odzeniak as well, Wolny the champion in 2017 – Odzeniak was the reign champion 2018…And a veteran in the game Dobrosława Habraszka  – still pushes the action. Several of the fighters did also compete in other categories that we are used to see. And if not mistaken – Dobrosława Habraszka and Maciej Mazur was awarded best fighters in the tournament.

Results below (taken from Official site LINK visit this site, and you will find full draws as well and a total overview of the results) LIVE stream from the FINALS 

Kumite 18+ years M -65.0kg (12 fighters)
1. Damian Biłbak Suwalski Klub karate Kyokushin
2. Filip Szeller Opolski Klub Karate Kyokushin
3-4. Wiktor Hadała Szczeciński Klub Sportowy HUSARIA
3-4. Paweł Wolski Masters Dojo WASW

Kumite 18+ years M 65.1-70.0kg (20 fighters)
1. Daniel Sternik Klub Karate Kyokushin IPPON
2.  Michał Kalmus Bushi Team
3-4. Krzysztof Krupa Dzierżoniowski Klub Sportowy Karate Kyokushin
3-4. MICHAŁ BONCZYK Koszaliński Klub Karate Kyokushin

Kumite 18+ years M 70.1-75.0kg (14 fighters)
1. Lamot Igor Klub Kyokushin Karate im. Masutatsu Oyama
2. Tomasz Madej Zielonogórski Klub Sportowy Karate
3-4. Jakub Pawłowicz Klub Karate Kyokushi Złocieniec
3-4. Szymon Świątkowski YMCA KRAKÓW

Kumite 18+ years M 75.1-80.0kg (21 fighters)
1. Szymon Olpiński KSW Bushi
2. Bodzioch Tomasz Bielański Klub Kyokushin Karate
3-4. Wloczyk Tomasz WKKK-Sypień
3-4. Oskar Mazurkiewicz Włocławski Klub Karate Kyokushin

Kumite 18+ years M 80.1-90.0kg (7 fightrs)
1. Marek Wolny TKS “Karate”
2. Odzeniak Marek Bielański Klub Kyokushin Karate
3-4. Kamil Mastaj Jasielski Klub Kyokushin Karate
3-4. Krzysztof  Masters Dojo WASW

Kumite 18+ years M +90.1kg (5 fighters)
1. Maciej Mazur Bielański Klub Kyokushin Karate
2. Mateusz Kubina Świdnicki Klub Kyokushinkai Karate
3-4. Krystian Tyszko Klub Sportów Walki KYOKUSHIN
3-4. Janczukowicz Łukasz Jastrzębski Klub Kyokushin Karate KUMITE

Kumite 18+ years F -55.0kg (17 fighters)
1. Agnieszka Winek KSW Bushi
2.  Anna Bielska Klub Karate Kyokushin IPPON
3-4. Monika Sowa-Potstada Rzeszowski Klub Karate Kyokushin
3-4. Monika Podora UKS KARATE HAJIME

Kumite 18+ years F 55.1-60.0kg (9 fighters)
1. Ewa Jabłuszewska Klub Karate Kyokushin IPPON
2. Wiatrowska Anna WKKK-Sypień
3-4. Daria Dobkowska – Szefer Siemianowicki Klub Kyokushin Karate
3-4. Julia Żak Leżajski Klub Kyokushin Karate

Kumite 18+ years F 60.1-65.0kg (14 fighters)
1. Dobrosława Habraszka TKS “Karate”
2. Anna Świątkowska YMCA KRAKÓW
3-4. Katarzyna Gajda Gliwicki Klub Karate Kyokushin
3-4. Natalia Kurowska MTSR Sowiniec

Kumite 18+ years F +65.1kg (14 fighters)
1. Marta Lubos TKS “Karate”
2. Monika Zielińska Kolbuszowski Klub Kyokushin Karate
3-4. Bojda Anna Klub Kyokushin Karate im. Masutatsu Oyama
3-4. KATARZYNA REGENT Koszaliński Klub Karate Kyokushin

The most awarded Dojo (photo) in the tournament: TKS Karate Tarnowskie Góry

F.left: Marta Lubos, Bogdan Lubos Shihan, Dobrosława Habraszka and Marek Wolny