EC 2019 Shinkyokushin – It`s on! -50 Women

European Championship Shinkyokushin weight categories 2019 – counting down! Once again, the line-up and the support of the championship are at its best. It is clear now that the Shin EC are stable at the top. Comparing to others, the number of fighters in categories and not at least their proven level puts these EC trophies in the category “Most wanted” This edition we have an EC with over 225 contenders only seniors, only fighters from the European region. WKO/EKO are one of the few that manage to fill their categories at a respectable level when it comes to high status tournaments. We starts with under 50 kg.

Women -50kg

In the lightest category for women, the Eastern European countries dominate – even more than normal. The category came to live in 2016 in the addition to the new weight category system. This opened up for new fighters to come in to the EC. Lithuania has been one of the most successful nations, not unexpected, but other nations are also coming strong.

Last year the champion came from Ukraine, and a little sensation was clear.  Many had to think whe Ukraine had a similar result in the women division. We believe that one have to go back to start/mid 2000, when fighters as Yevgeniya Antonova. Anna Tsybko, Natasha Stetsenko claimed their EC tittle. This will be the first title defense by Alona Veresniak. Veresniak has been active and have good results through the last year, also fought in two categories in Carpathia Cup, under 55 kg and under 60 kg, the outcome 2nd and 3rd place. Did win the European Open Szolnok Cup as well.

No doubt that the reign champion will be challenged, special by the three-fighter team from Lithuania. Erika Žeburtovič have been on the podium the two last EC’s. 3rd place in 2017 and 2018 makes it looks stabilize at a certain level – and taking two victories in the Open-weight in November really makes a statement. Could this be the time that she will reach the final? Last year she lost to the champion Veresniak

The second 3rd place last year was taken by Ivona Koreckaja, Lithuania. She lost against Hungarian fighter Timea Berencsi. But Berencsi do not participate this year, so who will take her place? Lithuania with three fighters as mention, and Hungary in with two. Nora Biborka Nagy lost last year to Žeburtovič, but she has been showing good results in several tournaments – Memorijal Branka Bošnjaka, and Carpathia Cup to name two. But Biborka did loose in the Hungarian nationals earlier this year against Miriam Karczub – so Hungary have a couple of interesting fighters to follow that might enter the podium this year. Algimantas Barzdžius photo

From Poland, Monika Podora could also bland in. Advancing and taking the 3rd place two years ago, but lost in the firs fight last year. Of course the draw will play in, but this is a point in the direction how even and tough these categories will be.