EC 2019 Shinkyokushin – It`s on! (-95)

European Championship Shinkyokushin weight categories 2019 – counting down! Once again, the line-up and the support of the championship are at its best. It is clear now that the Shinkyokushin European Championships are stable at the top. Comparing to others, the number of fighters in categories and not at least their proven level puts these EC trophies in the category “Most wanted” This edition we look at an EC with over 225 contenders – only seniors, only fighters from the European region. We will take a look at the heavyweight category – 95 kg.

Men -95kg category

This category is among the same size as the category above, and 4-5 fights to the top. As mention, reign champion moved up to next category, same with 3rd place, the runner up from 2018, Juras Sokolovas, Lithuania, moved down a category. One really have to follow this close with so much movement between the categories. Fighters from last year -85kg are also included in this year -95kg category.

⇑ Edgard Sečinski / Lithuania, Anatolii Zhuravel / Ukraine, Marek Wolny / Poland and Levan Verulidze / Georgia – all have been on the EC podium, but there is a little difference in when. Anatolii Zhuravel, as mention, took a strong 3rd place last year. As for Sečinski and Verulidze made it to the podium in 2017, Wolny back in 2015. However, for all of them, especially Sečinski and Wolny, their record are more than “good” enough, with many top spots in high level tournaments. Looking into the Open weight EC in November 2018, did Sečinski reach 3rd place winning 4 fights.

Twelve nations represented, and in many cases, young up and coming fighters are representing their nations. Technical, persistent and with their own style, updated and tested through the junior classes, U22 and more. Hungry to step forward and up on the result list. Todor Todorov / Bulgaria, Orestas Abazorius / Lithuania, Fady Allan / Denmark and Hungarian fighters Máté Dávid and Levente Magyar. All of these fighters have showed that they are closing the gap between them and the top line in the category. This will be very even, and of course, the draw will be a factor.

A good amount of the fighters are fighters on their way up, being in the start/mid twenties. International experience through young ages and into the U-22. The level of the category is considered to grow in step with the athletes as they establishes more and more.


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