EKO – European Championship 2019

Lithuania, where Full Contact Karate is the most popular sport in the country, their athletes are among the best in the world, and where the national Karate organisation runs a highly professional business. The European Championship Shinkyokushin will be held in Vilnius, Siemens Arena 13th & 14th of April. And as before, being a World Championship year, the level of the tournament and the preparation of everyone will be at an absolute maximum

Organizing the European Championship Shinkyokushin in these days, requires a solid team, who can attend to all aspects of a tournament that is among the largest in its style. Siemens arena will once again be the place for this grate event, as it was in 2007 and in 2011 – also World Championship years. And speaking of World Championships, Lithuania did also host the World Championship in weight categories in 2013 – Siemens Arena.

With other words – the tournament will be in best hands!

On the Tatami, it will be very interesting to follow. We do have the very strong EC Open Weight fresh in our memories, and we saw a very well-organized tournament, with established fighters and newcomers who delivered very strong performances. Now this time does one respond naturally to the weight classes where they belong.

EKO Shinkyokushin has been expanding the number of weigh-categories, and as we can see now that the capacity has been satisfactory, and that this has grown at the same rate as with the organization. It is no coincidence that this is a success, that one has let time work and demonstrated patience – just like a real Karateka. One sees that several have tried similar, but are struggling to follow up on the lack of capacity and natural growth that one needs. ( Picture from Georgia EC)

LITHUANIA will for sure mobilize a significant strong team, fighting in front of a very supportive home audience. Being one of the few countries than can fill their maximum number of fighters in each category, together with their top level – international tournaments in Lithuania has always been hard to win. And as always the host of the European Tournament have three fighters in each category. The Lithuanian team  will be holding some of the heavy favorites for the top positions.

Many believe, however, that there will not be such a strong Lithuanian domination as one saw a few years back. Lithuania has so far not deteriorated it has been proven regularly by winning the World and European Championships in open tournaments. -but there is no doubt that the overall level has increased significantly, and the top positions are then naturally split between several nations.

Taking this in to considerations, we once again can look forward to a very exiting European Championship. We can’t take anything for granted, cause the level are so high and so even that miner details makes big differences.

To follow updates and information, official website EC 2019 Shinkyokushin