Finals of the year 2018 – Inspirations…

As in the previous article we will look at some of the finals held in 2018. This time it is directed against women classes and some of the athletes who have been prominent there. As in the men’s division, unfortunately we could not get as many we wish. World Championships and European Championships – just a little peak  “top of the iceberg” after a very active year in every possible way. (Photos by Chalita ⇓ )

Staring off with a lightweight final from the European Championship Shinkyokushin, held in Poland in the spring 2018. Veresniak Alona /Ukraine Vs Berencsi Timea /Hungary. Due the last years it has been command for Full Contact karate to expand with several weight categories. This category under 50 kg is one of them, and the systematic development, keeping category quality and number of fighters at an respectable level. A interesting case about the final was that Ukraine had not have  finalist for many years, over ten years. And now one finalist in the lightest women category..

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IKO Kyokushinkaikan European Championship lightweight division Final -55 Ludivine Vadapodagom /Reunion – Leila Polak /Hungary These two fighters are really good all round fighters, an do have high level in Kata competition as well. Non of them had been on the European Championship before (senior) and it was also a strong achievement reaching the final, both meet Russian fighters in the semifinals.

Once again it is of interest to see the difference rules between the organizations, and how the characterize the fighting – and sometimes also declare the winner.

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Moving up to heavier weight categories, and in this case the heaviest. IFK EC, where the heavyweight is from 60 kg. The final between Anna Vishnyakova /Russia, vs Aneta Meškauskienė /Ireland was a interesting setup. Meškauskienė clearly the best merited with three top three spots in the KWU World Championship just to mention some of them, but Vishnyakova did beat Meškauskienė earlier. But then again, the strongest results of Meškauskienė has been taken after they meet..

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Of we go to Japan, and to the possible strongest tournament of the year – and we take a look at some semifinal action between Noriko Yokoyama / Japan and Chihiro Kubota. The category had several champions from different places, and many of the fights was very even and demanding to get the victory. Both fighters well known for they excellent skills, and merits to back it up. Kubota would be the strongest on the paper, been the JFKO champion and runner up in the 49th All Japan Open last year. We can add that Kubota this year made it to the top in the 50th All Japan Open, and with that achievement being winner of both major tournaments i Japan this year!

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Keeping it in Japan, and the 50th All Japan Open Championship. Top 4 spots was a qualify to the 12th World Championship Shinkyokushinkai 2019.As mention above, Chihiro Kubota did win this tournament, but we are taking a look at the other finalist. In this semifinal we have Yui Kikukawa and Juri Minamihara. Both usually in the lightweight with a match weight around 50 kg +/- A very strong achievement reaching the top 4 spots as some of the lightest fighters. Both are from before well known for the most of us, being top fighters of Japan, and been representing Japan several times.

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European Championships are to find on each corner now, and they comes in every size and wrapping. A really eyeopener was held in Hungary in November, when the Open-weight Shinkyokushin was held. The category was packed with top fighters, and with 36 fighters in the line up. 5 or 6 fight to win in the same day (in this case 5) before you can be declared as the winner! We join the competitors that reached the final, Ivanka Deleva / Bulgaria vs Inga Mikštaitė / Lithuania. Inga Mikštaitė heavy favorite, not only is she multiply European Champion from several years, her Open Weight EC record is the best. Being top 2 all 4 times since the Open-weight championship was reinstalled, reign champion from 2016.

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Last stop, the 2nd KWU European Championship. The final in the -70 kg category, between Svetlana Tuchkova / Russia vs Rima Lisinskaitė / Lithuania. Tuchkova have a very strong record, being the IFK World Champion 2013, IFK European Champion in 2014 and ended at 3rd place in the KWU World Champion 2017. Rima Lisinskaitė do not have the same kind of record, and she was without a special international career from earlier. But in 2018 seasons she has made herself noticed with participating in bigger tournaments, and also taking the podium. This final was held only 2 weeks after Rima participated in EC Open-Weight Shinkyokushin. (The same was the fact for Marta Lubos / Poland, Diana Balsytė  and Inga Mikštaitė / Lithuania – all became champions)

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The 2nd KWF World Championship in Kazakhstan -60 kg. Dutch fighter Valence Bickel has been successful in the KWF, taking the European Championship tittle in 2007 was a good achievement. But went through a hard school in British Open being pressured hard bey eminent home fighter Emma Markwell. 2018 started off tough, losing in the Diamond Cup against Canadian fighter Kimm Carrier. But the Autumn has been very good! First taking the European Championship KWF again, and then taking the 2nd KWF World Tittle, facing Polish contender in the final Sielika Agnieszka.

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