Norwegian Summer-camp 2019 Shinkyokushin

The NKO summer-camp has been of the top events in Norway, and besides the Norwegian organization many top instructor has been lifting the level. Top names as last year with Romanian master class Harris Wallmen, Anca Wallmen ad Maris Ilas. Bulgarian icon Valeri Dimitrov, Swedish national team coach and members: Magnus Hanssen and Jimmie Collin.

To keep the values and tradition some of the greatest Shihans has been visiting the camp and shared their knowledge : Howard Collins, Brian Fitkin,Michael Söderkvist, Carlos Escalera, Jesper Trier and Lloyd Payne to name some..Japan has also contributed great importance: Midori Kenji, Yasukazu Koi, Kunihiro Suzuki, Kumiko Sunagawa, Kazuhito Yamada, Shohei Yamano..

The camp will be held at Lundheim school ⇓, Moi (directions) 4-7th of July. The camp offer all elements of Kyokushin training,in the finest scenery that West Norway has to offer! Make place in your calendar – we will be waiting for you! NKO Summer camp!

More info will come…

Guest instructors for 2019:

Agata Winiarska (Kaliciak), Poland. (VIDEO-LINK)


Six times Polish champion, and among the best female fighters in the heavyweight category in Europe. Good all round fighting style with strong punching and punishing Mae geri`s,has been some of the skills that has brought the Polish fighter on the EC podium several times. But from that continues to develop, and reaches higher coals. EC in 2013, 14 and 3rd place 2015. Open weight EC 3rd place 2014. 3rd in the EC 2016/18 and European Champion in Kyokushin World Union 2016! World Champion IFK and Kyokushin World Union 2017! Ready to represent Poland in the 12th World Championship Shinkyokushinkai 2019.

Konrad Kozubowski, Poland. poland

konrad2017Is a very good performer who holds top level in both Kata and Kumite. In Denmark, 2017, he noted 2nd place in Kumite and 1st place in Kata in the European Championship. In the EC context, he has been well-placed several times and also won the Kata class. Did qualify to the World Championship in weight categories in 2017. Polish Champion more than one time in Kata and Kumite, and many remember a strong performance in Swedish Open, ending as the runner up in a Top European line up, light weight category. Made a heroic appearance in the Open Weight EC 2018, as the lightest contender – advanced to round two, with a spectacular finish.