The 11th Kokoro Cup – Fighters!

Kokoro Cup 2018 will set a worthwhile sentence on an extremely strong 2018, where a number of significant tournaments have been held. We are still hearing the echo of Open-weight EC in Hungary, and with some of the main players from this EC – who meet Japanese fighters in Poland this upcoming weekend – as said, this will be the last Kaboom for this year!!

A national contest between Japan and Poland, with five fights lined up. A little different set up as we are used to see in the Kokoro Cup – no not less interesting!

The event will be streamed LIVE!

The tournament this year is taking place as part of the 100th years anniversary of Independence for Poland,and 100 anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Poland and Japan.

Poland offers more or less its strongest practitioners, and in other words, it will say some of Europe’s best! This alone is always of great interest, and now that they are going to fight fighters from Japan it becomes very interesting.

To brig in fighters from Japan will always be a raise of excitements, but we also think that this is very important to keep the interest alive. With a great organization one can, as in this case, change top fighters from an other region. If the Kokoro Cup had been filled with mainly European fighters, it could easily been an anticlimax (so close) after the European Championship. but now new cards are given!

Takashi Torihara, Japan (Aka 155 ⇑)  


Young up and coming fighter, and it is little by little more and more known in Europe as well. We know that the pace will be high, and Torihara possesses skills that can end the fight before full time. But meets a very experienced fighter in Marek Odzeniak..

Being active, and with experiences from All Japan Open Japan Fullcontact Karate Organization, this is a fighter that we will see more of in the future.



Kazuhisa Mikami, Japan 

High level of experience, as he has been representing Japan in the 6th World Championship in Weight-categories. Did loose his first fight – but that against a heavy favorite Marius Ilas / Romania. Being one of the fighters qualifying to represent Japan gives us answer in the direction of how high the level is. He did also a strong figure in the 50th All Japan Open (Open-weight) this Autumn. Mikami did advance, with two victories so he reached 3rd round this time. Faces Marek Wolny..!

Yusaku Watanabe, Japan    

Many in Europe became aware of him during this year’s Diamond Cup in Belgium. Fought his way to the final, and took the final with a very convincing way. Very hard and explosive power-punching – combined with movement and kicks. And on top of that, the ability to raise the pace into a flurry of heavy but fast techniques that will hurt you! But of course, Watanabe are set to fight non other that the reign European Champion,  Maciej Mazur, who also is the Kokoro Cup champion. Watanabe have good results in Europe – and Mazur have good results in Japan. Who will get the best result when they meet?!

Japan do also bring in fighters in the women’s division.⇓ Momo Fujihara  and Riri Ishihara. Fujihara has been on the podium in All Japan Open, received special awards also: Spirit award in the 46th All Japan Open and 3rd place at The 50th All Japan Open recently. But facing two really strong competitors in Agata Winiarska and Marta Lubos. Winiarska stepping into the tournament at short notice, replaces Monika Zielińska.

Se full scheduled at the WKO Shikyokushinkai website